Saturday, November 16, 2019

Assuager of sorrow

(1421)  Amar sakal duhkher majhe

Amid all my sufferings,
You arrived, stealing my grief...
Silent eyes, silent footsteps,
Honeyed smile, honeyed visage.

In a troubled state, I'd been calling;
Only toward You I'd been gazing.
Arms upraised, I had spoken:
"I would take Your shelter."

Opened are my eyes, so I notice:
With light gone and heavens dimmed,
Only Your song ever singing,
I had been holding Your feet.

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Friday, November 15, 2019

My one desire

(1420)  Ami tomay bhalabesechi, sare jete dobo na

With You I have been in love;
I will not let You move off.
Your love is what I have wanted,
Not that of any other.

Oh You are my Venus at twilight;
Lo, You are my Morning Star[1] at end of night.
With You I am alive, and with You I will survive;
You alone are the best sadhana.

Oh You are my crimson dawn's floral laughter;
Lo, You are my autumn eve's jasmine flower.[2]
In Your orbit, Your sweet magic, I am awake
And awake I will remain;
You alone are heart's desire.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

He comes and goes but never leaves

(1419)  O se madhurata makha shyamaray

Oh that sweetness-coated Mister Krsna,
He has come and gone at heart's core;
But from Him I cannot withdraw.

His smile so sweet–
It sheds pearls in heaps and heaps.
On seeing that, my eyes float in tears;
I cannot ignore Him.

Having heard His magic flute,
Effusive heart became aloof.
Where did all my gloom fade away to?
On all four sides the light is flashing.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In His presence

(1418)  Adideva pashupati nao mama pranati

Shiva, first among the gods, please accept my prostration,
My obeisance to Hara, Hara Mahadeva.[1]
From mountain peak You have come on stream of ambrosia,
With every hardship's balm.

The snow-crowned mount, it obeys Your command;
The wealth of Kuvera[2] holds none of Your grandeur,
One with a naked body silver, oh Sadashiva.

My joy and my sorrow, You keep track of them best;
At no time whatsoever there is nothing You don't notice...
Oh Shiva, Lord of Lords, any prayer is meaningless.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Our bright companion

(1417)  Tomar mamatva tomar mahattva

Your affection, Your nobility...
In the three worlds all are gladdened.
With a speck of Your unearned mercy
Every person gets complete satisfaction.

Throughout time, those who live come and leave;
They arrive and depart by dint of Your compassion.
For all eternity, everybody You accompany
With full sincerity, at the side of everyone.

Forever the Beloved You will go on being;
Every sorrow You will keep demolishing.
You will scatter luster for all eternity,
With boundless implication, resonance that's sweet.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

It's not working

(1416)  Katha diye kena nahi ele

Having given word, why did You never appear?
You did not appear.
Mid the night, evening malati is going sere;
Fruitlessly, why did You deceive me?

Sacred art I apply on door and house, and on street;
On the lampstand of my heart, I kindle the light of ghee.
To somber life's gladdened tears
Why did You pay no heed?

Maybe such cosmic game is just to cherish and hold dear,
Or maybe You can't comprehend psyche's agony;
But with me, this Your sport, You make it deceitfully.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

My love is strong

(1415)  Tomari tare phulasaje saja

Because of You, punishment is dressed in flowers;
Just for You, the tress of hair is braided.
For Your sake, strung is the malati garland;
And for You, the tune is practiced.

On moonlit nights are Your words considered;
On dark days, a ray of light is kindled.
On autumn morns, parijat collected,
With a strand of love, the garland is threaded.
For the sake of You only, gazing at path anxiously,
Sitting alone are those who laugh and weep.

In me You are cherished, but You've gone and forgot;
From mind, myself You have dropped and mopped.
I won't forget, no, I will not expunge
In this life, whatever obstacle may come.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

The brilliance of Your presence

(1414)  Alo jhara jharana dharay

In light-spilling cascade,
Who are You that came?
With beauty's shine and sweetness,
You made mind oblivious.

Eager Earth, with love filled,
In hope of You it had waited.
With sweet melody's intoxication,
To Your side You had drawn it.
With bewitching tune and goodwill's pull,
The heart You did conquer.

With crimson-colored fondness
And morning's floral pollen,
An undying splendor overflowing–
You made it stream.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Glimpses of a mystery

(1413)  Dakhina pavane cittavane

With southern wind in psyche's forest,
Who are You that came, oh Lord Unequaled?
With honeyed smile and flute seductive,
In a trice, Dear, You made mind oblivious.

One hundred times I've seen You, in one hundred forms;
But You I could not get to know, not even just once.
Your acquaintance You've kept hidden
With Divine Game's stratagems, oh Sweetest One.

I've caught sight of You on mountain peak
And in the ocean waters, dense and deep.
I've noticed You on tableland-of-intellect's very brink
And in light and darkness, like undertow of feeling.[1]

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ego gets in the way

(1412)  Priyatama prabhu amar

Oh my Lord, my Darling,
For You only
Eyes do stream constantly.
You've gone to some distant place,
Leaving me behind on river bank.

My love, it knows You only;
My song is for You to please.
All my pride and whatever vanity,
It revolves round and around Thee.

Could it be I did not make any effort–
In me was no merit or propitious thought?
Is that why, leaving me, You went far away–
Why You left, and back You never came?

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The light-brigade

(1411)  Alo jhara sharat sanjhe

On light-dripping autumn evening,
In the fog of my psyche,
Nothing did I get to see;
I was in a darkness gloomy.

Light in hand came those for whom
The emblem of light was theirs.
Enlisting with them to take leave,
I could not, due to vanity.

With the light went those for whom
Light's wayfarers were they.
Along with them to proceed,
I could not, due to frailty.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


(1410)  Varsarate tomay ami peyechilum pashe

On monsoon night, I had found You beside me
In the same inebriated ecstasy.
My sleep-deprived eyes were gazing at Thee
Under circumstances honey-sweet.

The day, the bright moment, I've forgotten;
I have kept in mind just a tiny recollection.
Though the flowers I've forgotten,
I have held on to their fragrance
With love's joyous passion.

Many are the years bygone;
Many springs have come,
And many falls have floated off
With lost jubilation
From mind's month of April.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Just please come soon

(1409)  Tumi eso mama jiivaner mule priyatama

Come, You at root of my existence, One Whom I love most;
Come to me, my Darling... come to me, my Very Own.
So much is my desire to get You close;
Hey Peerless Master, please fulfill that hope.

Throughout ages I am waiting, having been purified;
Defilement of psyche... what I've got, I've set aside.
With mind's blooms Your altar I have beautified;
Hey One Most Sanctified, You please arrive.

The petals of my ornamental flowers have fallen;
Floral garlands, they have gone and withered.
Afflicted by the heat, mind's honey has evaporated;
With rain-shower, please arrive, oh my God of Thunder.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Unconditional surrender

(1408)  Kantaka patha dhare klesha varan kare

Along a path of thorns, trouble having borne,
On this very day I come to You, my Lord.
Gaze at me with kindly eyes, neglect merit and demerit;
Appear inside my mind, dressed in charming raiment.

By Your grace all bashfulness has vanished;
All my thoughts are dedicated to Your ideation.
You and I exist– the universe I've forgotten;
With Your name, to its beat and cadence I do caper.

Come to me time and again, an incessant flame of love
Having lit inside my psyche; I beg compassion.

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

It's Your choice

(1407)  Bhalobesechilum bhule jeo

That I had been in love, please neglect;
My story do not recollect.
I've given You all that was given me;
Yet You did not come– what a deceit!

On gentle breeze, the flower gets a cradling;
Does wind forget any flower's honey?
With the moon's light, high tide does arise;
Does moon stay blind to water at any time?
About me You went and forgot;
Do not come close, no, come not!

When You gave a jolt inside my psyche,
Like high tide, the heart got overflowing.
At that time, just like the moon, You smiled from afar;
Do not look, no, look not any longer!

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Only You can satisfy

(1406)  Ganer parash dao pranera pare

Under shade of bakul tree, scattered flowers lay;
At the path I had been gazing...
Mayhap You forgot this fact.
There was rain in the eyes, agony pitterpat;
But the sky was clear
As You arrived, keeping pace.

A breeze was blowing upon that tree's body;
In fifth note the cuckoo sang his sweet hymn.
Branches had swayed, honey-coated was the southern wind;
With eyes opened we have viewed each other, You and me.

I had said: My blind attachment, it has finished;
You had told: In that case only, do come near.
Along the course of time from antiquity, betwixt You and me
Is the love like a river that is constantly abrim.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ever to strive for greater excellence

(1405)  Ganer parash dao pranera pare

The touch of song on life You give
With shelter green, shelter green.
To halt for aught You don't acknowledge;
Song You go on singing, oh You go on singing.

The day when not a thing had been,
You were there, and there was Your endeavor.
You were contest and contestant and desideratum;
That ancient song was there, and it was in concert.

The day when not a thing will live,
You will keep abiding and also Your endeavor.
Inside of You will reside every phenomenon
With that never-ending song, in its unknown residence.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

From sea to shining sea

(1404)  Priiti bhara sei giiti avavahikar

Love-filled is that song from the river-basin;
A golden dream rises upon psyche.
Memory of melody with glint of someplace distant,
Together were they both held dear.

As much bháv[1] was there, to such extent was no language;
Ten thousand doubts existed but were all hope-filled.
Myself I'd forgotten on the coast of attainment,
Alongside of Self-awareness.

In Your eyes was profound affection;
From Your throat, fearless pronouncement.
My breast swelled with Your strength sovereign,
At my feet was complete liberation.
Having got You nearby, having plied love's absorption,
I was in a transcendental ambience.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Just one wee thing

(1403)  Tomari carane varane varane

Ever ready to receive Your holy feet,
I've kept offerings arranged, oh my Deity.
Please gaze at me with eyes of kindness,
Pardon sins and defects, remove ignorance.

Forsaking You, I've no one in these worlds three;[1]
In both life and death, You are the associate of everybody.
Never kick me away, I've no other place to be–
Where can anybody go that's outside of Thee!

I seek no boon; I don't crave any esteem,
Luster of gems and jewels, or some worldly vanity.
Just keep me as footdust, look fondly and sweetly–
Grant me capacity for doing Your deeds.

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He tames the wayward heart and mind

(1402)  Ke gay madhu jhara varasay

Who sings in the nectar-spilling rains,
Despite so much rattling of the peacock-tail?

Like kadam stamens shook by wind,
The wayward heart does quiver.

Unto the kadam-blossom pollen's body,
In what hope comes the mind, like a honeybee?

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

He loves me more

(1401)  E ki akarsan smarane

In reminiscence, such allure...
In thought, such emotive surge!
The mind yearns to go undeterred
To feet with sweet jingle.[1]

Today, a nightingale keeps singing
Only to attain the holy contact's nectar...
In this world, such rapt attention!

Today, a heart ignores shyness and fear
In light of the dauntless achiever...
With the ringing, such true consciousness!

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Under shelter of Your love

(200)  Tumi esecho man je kerecho

You've arrived, and the mind You have enticed;
From memory You've banished one hundred fires.
Day and night, in the stream of reverie,
You have strung a wreath of songs with their melody.

The comet-flames turned into sandalpaste,
Your vital touch having obtained;
The desert-thirst, losing its way,
Went off somewhere neath verdant shade.
Today, all torments and all pains,
A flower-basket,[1] I see they became.

Waiting and waiting, the heart churning,
Lonesome and ever soul-searching,
This alone I've come to know and concede:
You give love effusively.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Turning tables

(199)  Hiyara majhare niirava prahare

At core of heart, on hours silent,
Who is calling through song lyrics?
He says: "Come, be seated by My side;
Why are you far away at this late time?"

"Gone are many colored dawns
And many high-upsurging nightfalls.
Why came you not, why sat you not...
To the One inviting you, why gave no response?"

Oh Lord Gone Far, with such type of magic
Today You bound me with a strand of flowers.
After so very long, to me was owed a great debt;
This Your floral garland I will wear around the neck.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The elusive tune

(198)  Amar e manoviina chandahiina

This my mental lute is rhythmless;
It will sound only when He plays it.
A melody made to mingle with His tune,
It will have to be, to play upon the lute.

In every psychic state, He simply smiles;
When offered seat, He does not sit beside.
Where does heart's laughter go floating off...
In some land exotic, oh it just gets lost!

Eyes gaze toward Him, but He fails to submit;
He dances away with melodic magic.

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When You I'm with

(197)  Sathii amar bandhu amar

My Companion, my Abiding Friend,
You had been in some strange location.
My entire heart's dike, it gets shattered,
Yourself having seen and fallen in love with.

You exist, and I am here;
In Your rocking cradle, I have gone on dancing.
On this day, dropping everything, close to me
You came for what reason, smiling and laughing?

Now, heart poured out, to Your melody
I go on dancing, buoyant and floating.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Clear the way, open the gate

(196)  Amare ke nebe bhai

Who will take from Me, oh My kin,
That which I want to give,
To every mind distributed?
Your doors, they are fastened...
Pathway obstructed,
How do I go ahead?

Come, Brother, all of us, everybody,
We are ready
From You to receive.
Entrance-pebbles moved aside,
The psyche bright
We have made with light.

Then, My kin, I excite everyone,
One and all, oh please come,
In recollection and reflection.[2]

None of You are distant,
Within Me you exist,
In amity's vibration.

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Fair trade

(195)  Eso mor prane eso mor mane

My life and mind, please enter;
Come with dance-gestures.
Oh Sea of Beauty, heart's pitcher
Fill up to the brim.

All flower-buds are half-opened
In hope of Your luster.
At far blue yon, all are struck dumb
With Your tune's expectation.
Through Your light, through Your music,
New pulsation You bring unto Earth.

Those who love, You love them;
Those who don't, them too You feel for.
In exchange for a mind, at each chance,
You suffuse with heart's nectar.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Life of my life

(194)  Tomake bhuliya, ke kotha thakibe balo

Unmindful of Thee,
Please say, who will be anywhere?
This same realm of life becomes lively
With You only, glittering.

Unmindful of Thee, all that I think,
It becomes mere fantasy;
All that I speak, mere prattling.
Without Your touch, everything's a web of lies,
All the world's laughter and light.

Your blessing having coveted
And Your touch having received,
Each and everything feels good.

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Keep your eyes on Him

(193)  Andhar sagare patha hariye

When the way gets lost in a sea of darkness,
Forget Him never, the polestar of existence.
Lo, past the sea of gloom, like heart-thief[1] amorphous,
Who dances round and round light's absence!

On mind's altar, keep alive a heap of blooms;
Inside psyche, infuse smiles washed with dew.
Cross the vast and lovely sky, see arise His luster
On a form-free ocean, personifying Consciousness.

There's not any entreaty, there's no want-and-receive;
Just behold Him very near, and life is replete.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

By my worshiping Thee

(192)  Manasa mandire eso prabhu krpa kare

Into the mind-temple, please come kindly, Lord;
The altar I have kept adorned.
From formless world, come to the realm of form,
Be seated nearby even more.

Igniting the lamp of life, I do greet Thee;
In conception's fragrance I steep the offering.
Unto spirit's blooming, hundred-petaled lotus,[1] expanded,
Today I've brought a bouquet of flowers.

There is no vanity of knowledge or cargo of conceit;
I've arrived with a heart carefree.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

In Him we reside, and He resides in us

(191)  Tumi puspete madhu enecho

With the flower, honey You have brought;
With music, melody You've given.
Sea of light made billowy,
The cosmos You have rocked.

On midnight, mute and moonlight-filled,
You have sung a song of consciousness.
Amid the cavern, dark and gloomy,
You've supplied awakening.

You are everywhere, at every time;
You were always, and You shall abide.
Sitting at the core of each psyche,
The songs of Infinity You'll sing.
All wishes and all acquisitions
You have fetched from heaven.

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I stood before Thee

(190)  Campaka vane haraye phelechi

In magnolia grove, I've let go
My tiny piece of poetry...
'Fore sweet scent I concede defeat.

Not looking inside, outward I've walked;
I paid no heed to Your message.

All pain that was strung at heart's core,
What words had been, that's all got lost.
On Whose fragrance this transformation...
Consciously I could not fathom.

My poem, my short ode,
It's not mine, that I know.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Still bound by samsara

(189)  Duhkhera sathii tumi sukhera bandhu tumi

You are pleasure's friend and grief's companion;
Please don't hide me from Eye's vision.
In waterfalls of laughter or in tears of affliction,
Please don't render me abandoned.

Through many a dance-cadence, do preserve my garland;
Mid the colored flowers, see a basket[1] I've adorned.
Smiling gently, coming near, lovingly carry me,
Please don't ever be loath or displeased.

What You want me to give, even though I am not able,
That which I can, don't disdain it!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

From bedrock a bloom rises

(188)  Tumi nije ele dhara dile

In person You arrived and surrendered;
Why so, I don't know.
Onto Earth's dust You descended;
Fathom why, I don't.

For many an age, night and day,
Under light or shade, and in despair,
So much time, has it not passed...
Don't You know that?

Finally, on silent night, You did arrive
To play a tune upon the harp of mind,
To make a flower bloom in stone solid,
To give revelation.

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In His bliss

(187)  Tomake ceyechi ceyechi sab kaje

In every deed, Yourself have I always craved;
Your portrait, inside heart, may it ever reign.

To this world, oh I have come to keep engaged in work,
Truly, to stay floating on a stream of Your ideation,
Going on making known a tiny bit of Your grace,
Taking care that in psyche Your strain ever plays.

On lonely nights, with the moon and stars alongside,
May the peacock of the mind dance with fantail wide.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Into my mind please come

(186)  Eso amar mane baso amar mane

Please come into my mind, in my mind be seated;
Oh Lord, speak inside of thought itself.
Oh my deity most intimate,
Come within cognition, come in meditation.

Sweetness Pristine, in honeyed entrance
To the region tangled with giddy visions,
Heart gladdening with floral fragrance,
Please come, eliminating anxiousness.

With greater rhythm and melody, and with more songs,
Come, Lord, into every corner of the heart.

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From despair to bliss

(185)  Diner aloy ganer tarii

By the light of day a song-boat
I had floated toward the remote sky.
In the gloom, to You will I,
I will get close... that's the hope.

To lilt of waves, a beat does rise;
In the mind its swaying sets in.
You went to a strange, faraway location,
Footprint having traced on all sides.

Now, with song of stars in both mind and heart,
I will row the boat on flower-fragrance.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Shut up, and go to work!

(184)  Runu jhunu jhunu rave pranbhara saorabhe

With a sweet tinkling sound and most pleasing fragrance;
He has arrived, making heart effusive.
With the lute's jingle, He made me yearn for
Reaching the Enchanter[1] at mind's core.

Please purge each and every gloominess,
And finish with inertia's inaction.
Leave far behind everything causing dolor,
Witnessing the Enchanter in a hundred forms.

Today all language and all speech, go you silently,
Time and again, reflecting on the Heart-Thief.

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What matters

(183)  Ganer jagat kache peyechi

The world of song I've found nearby;
To oblivion the old life I've consigned.
I've gained You, everything I've acquired;
All childplay I've set aside.

The moth, she races toward a lamp;
She does not realize that she flies to death's visage.
Consciousness having forgot, staying with inert matter,
Verily, that is death; I have come to understand.

I will go ahead, hurrying in Your direction;
In the song of You only, I will stay absorbed.
For each and every want, each and every acquisition,
The last word is 'You're the essence', I have learned.

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In ecstatic reverie absorbed

(182)  Sabar citta aj eki sure udgiita

Today, in just one melody, every mind is sung aloud;
Everyone dances ahead, in thought of the One...
In the One's boundless love, in His sweet-sounding house,
Facing in the same direction, they hasten forward.

On Earth, everybody's bound by the One's love-string;
On the One's ambrosial stream, they all move in harmony.

With everyone's form and flow, everyone in reverie absorbed,
A stream of nectar showers down, taking with it one and all.

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Our Source and Summum Bonum

(181)  Tumi nikata haite aro nikatete

Oh You, from nearby to closer still,
Please enter my psychic midst
And the heart's resonance,
Its vital palpitation,
In raiment always novel.

From unembodied You have come in form,
Oh Ruler of the Formless Realm.
Today, all longing was fulfilled;
All searching was successful.
Today, everyone looks at You to heart's content;
They gaze at You in every occupation.

Except for You, nobody and nothing last;
The universe is grasping that!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019


(180)  Supta hrday jagiya utheche

Dormant heart, reviving, has arisen,
Has advanced in Your direction.
All the ties and all the fetters
Torn, she's gone on with song after song.

Any fiber of attachment blind shall not bind;
Any worldliness won't be able to entwine.
All unreal strings and all inertia,
Ripped asunder, she proceeds in Your direction.

Compared to the vigor of a mighty elephant,
How much power do the cobwebs have?
She disregards them as rejected;
She moves on, under pull of the Boundless.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My secret love

(179)  Dhara dile tumi prabhu

Lord, You did grant embrace
Mid the storm and hurricane.
Stay in the mind's white lotus,
Every minute, ages and ages.

So many crimson morns and twilights,
Not so many turned into a moonlit night!
Was there a time opportune, hey Radiant Lord,
For a steadfast chase of the Timeless One?

Inside my heart, inside my psyche,
You had shown up secretly.
Due to that stealth, Your arrival
Was not known by any people.

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Monday, September 30, 2019

My every thought mingles with Thee

(178)  Tomari deoya mane

With a mind given by Thee,
In the contemplation of You only,
My day and night, they slip away.
You are my polestar,
You don't make bewildered,
So toward You everything does race.

With a heart by You given,
Seated in pose for Your meditation,[1]
Lifestream gets lost in Your current.

Everyone is in Your mind,
And You are in everyone's mind;
So with You every thought unites.

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I will win

(177)  Tava patha ceye achi

I am gazing at Your path;
Don't You know that?
So many days have passed;
So many nights have vanished...
Yet, without sleep, I am waiting,
I sit here waiting.

Your game divine is marvelous,
Every day, always novel!
Have You thought I will give up,
Shrinking in fear from the sport?

For my sake, in front of me,
You must come, descending!

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

We move ever onward

(176)  Jiivanta nay theme thaka bhai

My kin, life does not stay halted;
We dance onward, toward the formless.
We did not come here for weeping;
Through cadence and song we tell a story.

In outer space plies a distant nebula;
Swaying to its mood and tempo is mind's gem.
The dust-mote, also it moves every instant;
And in straw's bosom, a bud does blossom.

Heart's ardor and cognition's luster,
All despair they trample over.

My kin, life does not get halted.

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Love propagates...

(175)  Tomara gopana katha

Your intimate secret,
On this day of bliss,
Now you be fulfilling
With songs of novelty.

Everyone is proximate;
All, abrim with affection...
A lovesong to the Most Precious,
You make flow in every heart.

Nowadays, to His rhythm, Earth
Sings in a raag more modern;
To give those who live tone's rise-and-fall,
Through melodies, it makes them swoon...
At this time, in each mind's every pore
Hope you pack, with tune after tune.

An incandescent lamp, world to entice,
In every life you ignite.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Your grace only

(174)  Amar manete tumi sabar manete tumi

In my mind are You, in everybody's mind are You;
Inside Your mind everyone wants refuge.
The lofty mountain stoops before Thee;
Peace it seeks in the dust of Your feet.

As far out as I peer, but for You there is nothing;
From You I am coming, and to You I go merging.
All Your divine sport, all the game of hide-and-seek,
Races toward Infinity, taking along everybody.

Who, forgetting themselves, to You stay oblivious,
Sightless on a dark night, they walk, getting lost.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

His is the flow we follow

(173)  Dyuloke bhuloke tari padadhvani

In heaven and on Earth is His footfall;
With His jingling sound, the reverberation.
On the bright-white peak of snowcapped mountain,
On the wave of the ocean, there is His script.

In vines and in leaves, and in lines of flowers,
In the psychic crannies and in colored exhibitions,
With every forgetful person's end to contemplation,
There goes on abiding only His vibration.

So by calling constantly and by saying "I proceed",
In conduct you imitate His stream.

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The one thing I need

(172)  Tava krpa bina amar taranii

Without Your mercy, my ship,
On a shoreless sea it sails adrift.
I've not wanted to hear any words;
I've not wanted to get any wisdom...
I just want You to arrive adjacent;
Having spread both arms, I'll hold on to a leg.

I do fear the vanity of action;
I can't bear the haughtiness of wisdom.
So, arriving quietly, sit in my vicinity,
With acquisition's joy like ambrosia secretes.

Action is with You only, wisdom is with You only;
On attaining Thee, everything gets received.

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