Thursday, July 18, 2019

Total surrender

(1400)  Nijer chanda hariye phelechi

I have lost my own tendencies;
I long to dance in Your rhythmic beat.
With me is no familiarity, language, or melody;
Notwithstanding, I sing praise of Your qualities.

Unexpressed was my sense of God's proximity,
His felt-or-unfelt touch in each cell of my being.[1]
One and all lie on the outskirts of Your feet;
Therefore, to those feet I offer my submission meek.

I came, bringing not a thing attached to me;
Having added naught to my coffer, I will leave.
In spite of any vice that is mine, from me let it be
I place around Your neck virtue's wreath.

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Krsna replies

(1399)  Nandanamadhu manthana kari

Churning the honey from paradise,
I have brought ambrosia of delight.
With poetic meters on a mild breeze,
I have sketched the sweetness of psyche.

This vessel, it is flush with nectar;
It will fully satisfy hunger and thirst.
Whatever great appetite of this world,
I have filled my pot for its removal.

Mountain and river, jungle and garden,
Crossing them, I have come with teeming heart.
For the sake of everybody, gazing at everyone,
I have poured out nectar on the world.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mind on fire

(1398)  Phaguner agun lagano

Exposed to the fires of spring,
Come, Shyam,[1] into my grove of palash trees.
My effusive heart has been yearning
To see You, possessor of all qualities!

On kadam tree, the cuckoo is singing;
The bay-leaf tree's dark shadow is dancing.
In the ashok arbor, in heaps aplenty,
With hope of honey arrive colonies of bumblebees.

The color that has taken hold in the midst of psyche,
That color has been strewn from celestial sphere.
In heaven and on earth, now in complete harmony,
Your sweet name all are remembering.
Ghanashyam,[2] please do come with many a musical beat.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Look here!

(1397)  Amar katha shono na tumi

You don't listen to my story,
Oh, why don't You hear?
Could it be You deem me trifling?
Such a mental agony!

I'm in love, I know not why...
I know You alone are my enterprise.
One Whom I worship, the goal of my life,
Why don't You arrive?

I've composed a song, its tune rehearsed have I;
To make You hear it, I am awake at night.
My object of meditation, ultimate bliss of mine,
You don't open up Your eyes.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Love awakens

(1396)  Tomay ami bhalobasi prabhu

Lord, I am in love with Thee;
This fact I had been ignoring–
Knowingly, I had been ignoring.
My coming and my going
Are beneath the dust of Your feet.

By morning's light, along with Thee,
I have sung my song, privately.
I've kept playing but a game of colors,
Sheltered under Your protection.

Neath the bloodred hue of evening sun,
I've heard a song with devotion.
I've been painted with its color,
By the cascade's motley water.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

My container and infrastructure

(1395)  Tumi je amar pranera adhar

You are the foundation of my life,
My rhythm of movement, the azure of blue sky–
Atomic and cosmic, Yours and my
Love-ocean's incandescent lines.

On the fully moonlit night, You are rays of nectar;
Of crimson sun at morn, You are the sculptor...
I have known You at my core, Your coating I have worn;
In light and darkness, You are my companion.

My polestar on the sable night,
With hot thunderclap, the flow of ice...
You are sun, I am glow of firefly;
I am but a grain of dust in Your stream of kindness.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

His timeless bliss

(1394)  Acin parii madhuvane

At paradise the fairy unfamiliar
Entered a floral pavilion.
Diffusing honey from own bosom,
He amplified flowers' nectar.

Oh what notes from his laughing pipe,
And such flood of tears from all eyes...
Without taking nectar that sweet fairy
Went away after only pouring honey.

After darkness, flash of light,
It felt good in everybody's eyes...
Likewise the good from gloom's removing,
It made time accept defeat.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Take comfort

(1393)  Sabar asha bhalabasa

The hope and love of everybody,
I will keep on fulfilling.
I abide very near...
Affection's nectar I will smear.

As with the flower is its honey–
Just one heart, just one psyche–
Likewise, with everybody
I will stay eternally.

Compared to amount of moonbeams,
Many more do I hold dear;
And likewise, the moon's grin
Through each mouth will I make seep.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Was it all for naught?

(1392)  Asbe bale, gele je cale ele na

Having said You will return,
You left; and, having gone, You never came.
The jasmine garland has withered;
You accepted not the sandalpaste.

The song composed was just for Thee;
Its tune was practiced round the clock.
The One for Whom that song and melody,
He did not hear it... He came not.

All the flowers have dropped away;
Only a piece of string has endured.
At end of day, like a bloom disgraced,[1]
Is the song that was not heard.

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As one thinks, so it becomes

(1391)  Tomar katha bheve din kete jay

Thinking of You my day goes by;
Your image rises in the mind...
Your sweet love, a charming reminiscence
The mind likes to consider.

I've forgot the days when, on my own, I've got lost;
Oft thinking of You, full of You have I become.
Moving round Thee, imitating Thee...
In my psyche that shines brightly.

Your lute am I, and You are the player;
Your drop am I, and You are the ocean.
I am diffused in You, oh Lord absorbed in wisdom,
In every breath of mine You remain present.

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Mission of love

(1390)  Tomar pathe cali ami

Upon Your path I proceed,
From no obstacle will I retreat.
You are my Darling Dear;[1]
My sadhana is You only.

Having lit the wick of puny lantern,
I march on by Your name's power.
The strength dwelling in that appellation,
To it there is no comparison.

How many are the days gone by–
The counting also slips from mind.
You exist, and I exist...
I know nothing else but this.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Out and back

(1389)  Aloker van bahaye diyecho

You've let loose a flood of effulgence,
And in dark wilderness life has awakened.
Victory be Yours only, victory be Yours only;
Oh Master, always be Your victory.
Salvation at the core of unexpressed,
You made a batch of flowers blossom.

The spring that had died in the desert,
The bud that had mingled with the dust...
Even they got back their life once more
Through Your undeserved compassion.

The intellect that by obstruction had been rent,
The practiced tune that had become suppressed...
By Your hand's tender touch,
With the octave they arrived on Earth.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Freedom for free

(1388)  Prabhu tumi amay kata kii je dile

Lord, to me so much You gave;
You claimed nothing in exchange.

In summer season's severe heat,
Space You gave neath shade of tree.
In desert thirst, with the mirage
Soothing water You discharged.

Disrespected and disdained,
My time has passed in sorrow's flame.
You lifted me onto love's lap;
Of songs You strung a garland.

With ignorance and static notions,
Truth was hidden by a mist.
That same fog You cast aside;
You brought me to the path of light.

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Sunday, July 7, 2019


(1387)  Eso tumi priyatama

Come You, oh Beloved,
Having brightened the whole universe
And excised gloom's intoxication,
Far removing static worldliness.

I'm aware of You only,
Only You do I heed.
For Your sake unstintingly,
Myself I would yield.

I note not sense of honor or dishonor;
You're my goal, You're my endeavor.
With You I do survive,
Happiness and sorrow on the other side.

In life comes the spring;
Then summer's heat appears.
In my life, in heart and mind,
You're my crimson dream satisfied.

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Have mercy on me

(1386)  Vishveshvara jyotiriishvara

Lord of the Universe, Lord of Effulgence...
In my heart please let me hold You.
Wasteland You make lush and green,
Darkness and gloom, light-exuding.

Your desired work I did not do;
Along Your path I could not move.
I have journeyed, begging unearned mercy,
Oh my Gracious One, honey-replete.

In the pitch-dark heart that is of me,
On rosy feet will You be felt severe.
But with Your touch, in an instant, in a wink,
That will turn tender, nectar-dripping.

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Friday, July 5, 2019

Out, out, brief candle?

(1385)  Aruner alo gavaksapathe

Through bay window light of morning's sun,
It has penetrated the dark room.
Now gloom's goblin, it has gone, far removed,
With the impact of crystal effulgence.

Over course of ages had accrued every filth,
Ebony that in darkness only had amassed,
Impervious in that very pit so black;
And nowhere to be seen was conscience.

In darkness, creatures had been penned to nest,
And their mental progress was suppressed.
Heaven's splendor, life's momentum,
Is a grievous thunderbolt to that obstacle.

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Never take a detour

(1384)  Tumi pather dhuloy nevechile

Onto street-dust You'd alit
Just to lift me up.
For me You had done so much;
To forget You I have wished.

Though path was hindered, light was lavished;
Crevice of pride was on both sides.
Leaving the way, I fell into pit;
And cloth was bound around both eyes.

You'd told me to fix gaze on the target...
With whole heart to love it.
Forgetting the goal, I've drowned in delusion,
I've run amuck after transitory happiness.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Father of all

(1383)  Sabar bhalabasa peyecho

The love of everyone You have gained,
And You have viewed everyone the same...
You have thought for everybody's welfare.

In the place afflicted with a searing summer's heat;
You have poured out monsoon's torrential stream.
On the wretched heart ravaged by three torments,[1]
You have dabbed the honey of affection.
On the dark day bathed by rain,
You have brought about the firefly's rays.

Love You know how to estimate;
The true rank of a living being, only You appreciate.
Watching Your arrival path, creatures have persisted;
Neath Your shelter You have taken all those in peril.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My spacecraft and moon lander

(1382)  Tomay ami bhalobasi, tomar name tomar dhyane

I am in love with You.
By Your appellation, by Your meditation,
Mind's darkness gets removed.

With Your pleasant songs of praise,
Mind darts afar like an airplane.
All worldliness, all pettiness...
Every chain, it drifts away.

Your effulgence daybreak-hued,
On the eyes did it feel good.
Only impromptu kindness You dispense,
Arriving with a beauty always new.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Endless purity and bliss

(1381)  Vipadabhainjana duhkhamocana

Removing danger and soothing affliction,
The star in everybody's eye, very well-bedecked,
At the start You had been, and till now You've endured;
At the end You will be, Existence Eternal.

Everyone's beloved, everyone's aim in their meditation,
With the strength of intellect surpassing measure,
You know how to dance, and You make the mind-realm caper;
Having stayed inscrutable, on eyes You paint collyrium.

Filled with Your endless liila is the whole Creation;
In profound wisdom absorbed, You have been immortal...
You are without slumber, You are vigilant;
Amid those who are stained, only You remain immaculate.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Look here

(1380)  Kena go bhalabese kache ese

Oh why, after having loved and come close,
Far away You did go...
Rain-soaked peacock's tail outspread, psyche is frenzied;
You hid Yourself behind a screen.

Till now, alas, the flower-buds are enclosed by petals,
Though full of rhythm and with nectar all aflutter.
Oh my, their bosom friend, why is He just
Unmoved from afar?
Please come near, in this life commingle
With the outflow of Your juicy liila.

You are the base for all thought;
Everybody's psychic pabulum, You are without vessel.
Everyone's companion, everyone's sympathizer,
Age after age, filling up the whole Creation,
You move on dancing in the heart with loving sweetness,
Each and every moment, each and every instant.

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I will succeed

(1379)  Ami tomar krpay esechi

By Your grace I have appeared;
And I will keep engaged in Your deeds only.
Holding on to Your path I have advanced;
Surely, I will attain Thee!

In some unknown history
You had come beside me...
However many ages since, I will proceed.
By my side You will go on staying;
In Your colors only I will paint my psyche!

On some morning filled with flowers,
On some autumn, the birds calling...
With You I'd fallen in love;
I had lost myself in Thee.
That auspicious day I have forgotten,
But forgot I not my hymn eternal;
With song after song, I will make You pleased!

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Friday, June 28, 2019

You have arrived

(1378)  Pather bhule ele cale

Losing Your way, You came walking,
King of kings, into my dwelling.
On Your feet, dust has adhered;
And Your reddish visage beams.

Feeling that Your feet are rosy,
Over ages I go without sleep.
Always Your grace I beseech,
Just for the sake of serving Thee.

Privately, inside my psyche,
In a recess was that yearning.
To Your mercy's melody,
You played upon my heartstrings.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stuck but...

(1377)  Eso eso mama manavitane

Come, come into my mind-pavilion.
Watching for Your advent, I am frozen,
In life and in death.

Look at me with eyes of mercy
And with mouth smiling gently.
Just the dust of Your foot,
A molecule am I in refuge.

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My Hero

(1376)  Amari tare kata klesh kare

For just my sake, having taken so much trouble,
You've arrived, oh Captivating One.

You have kept aloof from sense of honor or dishonor;
That I'm not significant, You have forgotten.
Drawn by heart only, You have come,
Universal Benefactor.

Those who want You not, even them You regard;
Those who want You, You keep binding them with love.
Everybody's role model, You alone are without hero,
Cosmic Protector, Universal Home.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dutifully I ask

(1375)  Sharanagata smarane klanta

A refugee, in mind of his fatigue,
He is calling Thee plaintively.
Look at him with eyes of mercy;
Please hear his love-filled story.

So much stormy cyclone has blown down,
So much fog has fallen round;
But still he has gone unto Thee,
Toward the sound of Your lyre jingling.

So much lure of illusion has summoned;
So much sorcery has spread its web!
Rending all obstruction going forward,
'Pon Your path he has walked.

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Requited and yet expectant

(1374)  Tomake pavar ashe

In hope of receiving Thee,
Day and night I am waiting.
I am gazing at Your route, my Darling;
And I have strung a wreath of malatii.

With Your melody, every second
Mind gets floated so far off.
With Your dance, with Your song,
In harmony, I have loved.

In Your game of many colors,
At sweet laugh's prevalence,
Secretly, in a mental corner,
I have gone on dancing, only with Your ideation.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Love and light

(1373)  Phuler suvase tumi ke go ele

With floral fragrance, Who are You that came?
In a pleasure grove, You granted embrace.
Like the honeybee, You took seat in psyche;
You spoke words of love into both ears.

In this flower-garden, filled with love was everything;
It seemed to me that there was naught but Thee.
You arrived, and life You poured into the lonely;
You made what was empty soaked with nectar, very sweet.

That thing called love I was not fathoming;
I was not knowing that the Supreme misses nothing.
Now I've perceived, I've realized, You are my Deity,
Life of my life, the cosmic sport overflowing.

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The peerless path

(1372)  Je agun jvaliye dile prabhu

Lord, the fire You ignited,
Its flame will not ever get extinguished...
Never, not ever.
The path You said to comply with;
That same path is my sadhana.

The work You gave with power to achieve,
The ethics that You taught to me...
That very work and ethics, I will not forget it.

The actions You forbade me to perform,
The wickedness You kept me away from...
I will never go near to such habits.

You told to love each and everybody,
Each creeper and shrub, every bird and beast.
The new humanism You explained,
Nothing in the world compares.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Time circles round

(1371)  Alakha nirainjana prabhu

Lord, You Who are unseen, unstained,
Upon me please bestow grace.
World-spurning One, fear-dispelling,
In my eyes, ignite light's beam.

Some are there who come and go in hope of Thee,
Who laugh and cry to achieve Your company;
But You are in everyone, and everyone is inside You;
Please mold me to that point of view.

Each moment, every instant, is a drop of time,
Stored in Thee... You, the great ocean wide.
I am but an atom, underneath Your lotus feet;
Fill me with Your crest-and-trough's rhythmic beat.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Anything goes

(1369)  Eso tumi phuler saje

In floral dress, please arrive,
Within psyche, Lord of mind.
Every flower, petals spread,
Nectar poured, is vigilant.

The champak bud, forgetting shame,
Has looked at You, lifting her veil.
The bakul bud, even though small,
Unbarred the door of her heart.
Enter, You, with beat and rhythm,
Wearing only kinshuk's crimson.

The mango bud, on both sides green,
Having let fly her naked whiskey...
In Your ear with songs aplenty,
Tells the story, smiling bashfully.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Spring has come

(1368)  Phulera phutalo kena upavane

Why did flowers blossom in the garden?
Who knows, oh who knows?
Who knows that, who knows?
And not just in the floral garden...
In mind's garden flowers also blossomed.

Under the cruel fog of winter,
With its sluggishness of inertia,
That eruption could not happen!
Into life now it got swiveled.

Heart's nectar, petal-hemmed,
Now it found its bosom friend.
The august moon of blue firmament
Wants to move in only its direction.
On moonlit nights in company with it,
That tale is told in notes of rapid music.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Spring has come...

(1367)  Amramukule kimshukaphule

In mango bud and guelder rose
You are wearing cheery clothes.
The woodland laughs with blooms of spring,
And now with modesty the psychic realm is smiling.

Dropping are the compound leaves of hog-plum trees;[1]
Abounding is the fragrance of gooseberry.
Along with the golden light on golden peak of mountain,
A golden crown sits atop the magnolia flower.

Over the rose-apple blossom with its bitter nectar,
The bumblebees are humming from all the four directions.
With a scent of licorice upon their hair-bun clasp,
Young women have forgotten household tasks.
With moonlit dreams and southern winds,
A brazen moon keeps calling them.

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One song, one love

(1366)  Jyotsna rate niilodadhisrote

With the moonlit night on streaming blue ocean,
On a beach of golden sand
I will speak to You in song after song, my Beloved.
On a gentle wind, outspread are the petals
Of a sweet flower with my musical recital.

Rehearsed by me is only one melody;
With that melody, the heart is replete.
With its rhythm, in celestial bliss,
At Eden is a new vibration.

On my one-stringed lute is just one tune;
With all my love it is suffused.
With all my pollen and a blossoming devotion,
Into every ear I will sing a hymn.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Why so?

(1365)  Sabar maner manane rayecho

You have dwelt in every mind's cogitation;
Why then do You want to stay hidden?
Yours is so much fragrance, so immaculate...
Why look on from afar, notwithstanding that?

For those who have nobody, You belong to them;
And You have infused virtue inside of the meritless.
Being transcendent, by attribute You are unchecked;
But remaining unseen, why do You choose that?

A shelter to everyone, You are without refuge;
And knowing everybody, their pain You remove.
Remaining above all, even then, what's the reason
You dab honey through connection, unit and collective?

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Saturday, June 15, 2019


(1364)  Andhar sagar par haye ele, aloker tumi pratibhu

You arrived from across the gloomy sea;
Of light You are the guarantee.
You removed each bit of darkness;
On this earth for benefit, You are the Master.

Doing great austerities age after age,
Saints and sages, You they could not embrace.
But in an instant, with touch of a little grace,
Into the heart of all, oh Lord, You came.

When light appears, then dark will vanish;
When life comes, then death will perish.
In this divine game, the universe is cradled;
There can never be an end to it.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

My all

(1363)  Brhat tumi ksudra ami

You are great, I am tiny;
Toward You dancing I proceed.
You're the wave, I'm dust of street;
Your refuge I beseech.

Since time out of mind between us is a link,
With love oft smeared on unit and Supreme.
Without me, You once were and You can be;
Without You, I am nothing.

Without You, I'll not manage to think anything;
You're my polestar, my sadhana is You only.
Grant devotion, grant deep longing,
That I sing hymns to Your glory.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let us conclude this game

(1362)  Manera raja mane eso

Ruler of mind, enter my psyche...
On the mental flower of embellished tree,
Mid heart's core, do smile please.

I ask for nothing in Your presence;
To confer my fealty is all I wish.
Please arrive on silent footsteps...
Do not keep Your distance, not one bit.

To no avail, many births have passed;
Such sweetness has floated off, Peerless One.
This time let it be the last...
Do be seated on mind's lotus.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wrapped up in Him

(1361)  Tanimar madhurimate

With subtlety's sweetness,
You blanket the whole universe,
Stimulating passion's outburst.

Days come and days go in colorful fascination,
With the dulcet notes of cooing peacock's invitation.
Mind grows forgetful of itself
Inebriated by Your ideation.

Those days that have been lost,
They are also Your foot-dust.
With Yourself they are mingled,
From eternity's perspective.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

No escape

(1360)  Madhur tomar parasher tare

For Your touch so sweet,
Day and night my eyes do weep.
In mind's bower in heap after heap,
Your story's told by the black-bee.[1]

Though I wish to forget, I cannot neglect Thee;
Unconsciously, constantly of You I sing.
Like the flowers of spring, like a gentle breeze,
Your sweetness keeps surrounding.

The clouds play a damru in the firmament;
Those who think of You will notice it.
With Your sky, with Your wind,
With Your sound, the world is filled.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

In love with You

(1359)  Tomay bhalo besechinu

Toward You I had first felt love
At some bygone and forgotten time.
With just its hue, its tune, its form,
In private I have imbued life.

Your luster I had noticed
With morning-sun's dawn crimson.
Your prowess I had understood
With scorching sun mid-heaven.
Now I am witnessing Your sweetness too
In company with evening-sun's complexion.

With cooling fall's jasmine of night,
With the flowers of springtime,
With the monsoon-screwpine, with the kadam pollen,
And with the mind-delighting song of birds...

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Oh my Moon

(1358)  Madhurima makha nayane

With sweetness-coated eyes,
Why did You peer into the mind?
Full of munificent affection,
Into mouth You poured ambrosia.

What I've yearned for in my meditation,
That moon I have etched upon my spirit,
Presently, that same entity's very essence...
Come in person, You submitted.

Of this moon there is no wane-or-waxing;
It's completely full,[1] continually.
I find it in the thought-realm only,
With moonlight replete on gentle breeze.

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Total surrender

(1357)  Bhasiye dilum ganer bhela

A raft of lyrics I set adrift
Upon the waves of tuneful sea.
It sways to a seesaw rhythmic beat;
It will move on frisky music.

Grief's burden I set adrift,
Aiming to find memory of happiness.
I set adrift my everything,
Vanity on honey-stream.

Any savings that were mine,
The moonlit nights and mornings bright,
All, without reserve, I set adrift,
Wittingly unto the Infinite.

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Friday, June 7, 2019


(1356)  Ami tomay bhalobesechilum

I had been in love with Thee;
So why did You lose sight of me?
Consciously I had wanted suffering;
Both joy and sadness You relieved.

I had sunk down in the bottomless sea;
You sat astride the golden mountain peak.
I had been deluged with insults and indignities,
While You basked neath good fortune's solar beams.
How could You disregard my plight!

How many eons lives the love twixt You and me...
That is not known to the minstrels of history.
You are great, while I am very tiny;
So to my misery You paid no heed.

Whatever I may be, how am I not Yours only?
Whatever You may be, how are You not mine exclusively?
With the sweetness smiling o'er the course of time,
Still this topic sticks out with a zest for life.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Ocean of love

(1355)  Krpakanika ceyechilum

I had implored a jot of grace,
But You have rained mercy's spate.
I had begged a drop of ease in the sea of distress,
But You have brought a river of happiness.

In the bosom of eternity many beings come and leave;
Does anybody truly look back at them?
Big or small in the ocean of all microcosms,
You have gazed at everybody.

Oh Paramapurusa, Ocean of Love,
You've removed both test of gold and corruption.
With vital touch and a flow like ambrosia,
You have made Earth virtuous.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Constant Lover

(1354)  Bhalabasiyacho amay

To me You are showing fondness...
Merit You did not examine; You sat not in judgment;
You've observed with undeserved compassion.

Moon casts its light upon each worthy or unworthy head;
In every liquid lingers camphor scent.
Southern wind caresses even the scaly anteater;
How can anyone not gaze in that direction?

I was thinking that no one is loving me...
Weeping I am coming, and weeping I will leave in anguish–
For me there is just misery;
On earth's bosom it is writ.
Today I understood: I am not alone or helpless.

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What do we truly know?

(1353)  Rupatiita prabhu rupe eso

Transcendent Lord, please come in form;
Grant embrace inside my heart.
You're the stone of philosophers, a quarry of thought
With a jeweled luster that diffuses love.

Throughout the ages, for You search all creatures;
In many forms, to find You at their core they yearn.
From birth to death, whatever is or not received,
The accurate intuition, it inheres to Thee.

I have gone and forgot when it was that I have loved;
Filling up my heart, I have sung Your song.
The little that I know, it's just that I am Yours only;
And You also are mine, oh my moon, nectar-exuding.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Hardhearted One

(1352)  Bedaradii

Hardhearted One
To some distant place You go.
Sweetly having smiled and loved,
You look at me like I'm unknown.

My garland strung with songs lies vacant;
Love's wicker basket, it has stayed like that.
Lines of memory and the moonlight honeyed,
Trampling under feet, You do flee.

Dreams made bright with a tail-of-peacock's hues,
That constellation's rotation, it became a vacuum.
To the verdant grass, to the pollen in the blossom,
You sing like the long horn of Shiva.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

In Whose image

(1351)  Aruna rage nava anurage

With colors crimson and with new affection,
What is this sweetness You have lavished?
Freshly bathed and dabbed with tiny beads of rain,
On daybreak-shapes lightly You have applied paint.

Through green leaves with picture streaked
And through the eyes of forest does so lovely...
Through the magic that You coated upon diverse drawings...
What is its similarity, what likeness have You preserved?

In the azure firmament with the rumble of dark clouds
And in the forest rustling, You aroused that sound...
That melody reproduced in silver founts...
To which songsmiths have You taught it?

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Symmetry of love

(1350)  E samsare cai tomare

In this world I yearn for you
In rendezvous ever new...
With sweet hymns in grove of blooms,
Like honeybee my love exudes.

I don't ask to receive adulation,
Floral wreaths or approbation,
Elation of reputation...
I just want your love wholehearted.

Nothing else do I request;
Already you know my requirements...
You are virtue, action, and heartland,
The life of my life with essence of nectar.

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