Tuesday, February 28, 2023

While I see duality

(2558)  Tomare ceyechi maneri gahane, mukta gagane badha na mana

I've yearned for You in the depths of my psyche,
On a free sky, heeding not any block,
No, surely not.
Day and night I've wanted You always in company;
Please don't ever go afar.

I'm a speck of metal; You, the Philosopher's Stone;
I accept I am helpless; please convert to gold.
Kindly stay ever close mid comfort and grief;
Don't forsake and throw me off.

Yourself I cherish; You are my Lord,
Beginning-and-end-less, the Self-Born.
Having thought of Thee, I forget the penury,
Hey my Honey, the river's compassion.
Ever I stay remote, but in eyes I always hold;
Through light and shadow, I arrive and depart.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

And so we see

(2557)  Alor mala diye jvele

Having set ablaze a garland of light-beams,
You came to the worlds three.[1]
Path's fatigue and perception's blunder,
Ridding them, to the mind You gave peace.

Any darkness, it did not remain;
No longer was there shed a lotus of pain.
Reverent mind being offered,
Pain stayed isolated within psyche.

Cool electricity, it danced with vitality;
Consciousness every person did receive.
Floating in effulgence on firmament free,
Everybody went toward Thee.

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I just want You near

(2556)  Tomare cini nako

I don't recognize You;
Oh Who are You that entered psyche?
Pouring light into obscurity,
Telling You'll come, You disappeared.

But You cannot be forgotten;
At heartcore a sway You've given.
I am sitting on my own, unattended,
Owing to a wreath in hand I'll make You wear.

Only Your enchanting smile,
It uplifts and excites.
Just Your memory so nice,
Even still the story speaks to me.

Yourself do I prize;
For Your sake I laugh and cry.
I want Your presence day and night,
In riches or in tears.

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Better than the best

(2555)  Saptaloke tumi bhariya rayecho

You have been filling the seven spheres;[1]
You go on dancing in the lotus of psyche.
For everybody's hopes and desires in life,
You are the emblem, oh Beloved all-pervading.

In the world I don't obtain Your equivalent
Anywhere I gaze when eyes are closed or opened.
Except for You no one else is permanent;
You pour light on a face, dejected and gloomy.

On a dreadful new-moon night, Yourself I've observed;
And in the sweet moonlight, You I have discovered.
In happiness and despair, You are ever with;
You're better than welfare and prosperity.

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Under cover of rain

(2554)  Badal rate tumi ele

You came on a night cloudy,
Unnoticed by everybody.
I was in a bolted dwelling,
Outside, the rain falling.

A bevy of clouds dense with water,
The moon's smile they had covered.
They had cultivated friendship
With the mind's ebony furtively.

Rain-soaked You had appeared;
My home's bolt You did unseal.
Yours You took and made me
With my veena's clattering.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

You are so frustrating

(2553)  Ei alo jhara purnimate

Neath a full moon, dripping light,
All alone and forlorn,
Lonesome had I been on a thick night.
No second person was along;
With footfall silent You arrived.

You came close but did not sit;
Diffusing a flow of love, You took not a bit.
Unspoken were my inner secrets;
In the heart, their articulation did abide.

Darling, Your liila I don't understand at all;
Your coming and Your laughter, what is this fraud?
This time, after advent, I will hold at domicile;
On a blooming lotus, I will make You sit in mind.

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Destined to be

(2552)  Tumi amari shudhu amari

You are only mine, to but me You just belong;
Accept it or not, this is the reality.
Over my lifetime and at my demise,
Hey Deity, You are in the depths of psyche.

When I gaze into the past I don't find a start;
In Your thought having come, paused and sat, I depart.
And when I scrutinize, probing deeply toward the end,
There remains only Your immensity.

You are the great ocean, I am a stream;
With smile and pain, I go forth and merge in Thee.
Ardency of hope, mind's intoxicating property,
Do or don't You grasp, hey Providence Supreme?

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

I can't stop thinking of You

(2551)  Tomari sakashe kusumanirjase

Upon the floral essence within Your proximity,
Psyche goes a-sailing, repeatedly,
To forget Your compassion I cannot;
Eyes crave Thee, Your perceiving.

On which ancient crimson morning
Had I come to the world of You only?
By Your grace with thoughts of amity,
In mundane life I go on working.

To remain unthinking of You I cannot;
You alone are capability, You alone are sadhana.
Past and future I know not;
Well You ken everything.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Your supremacy

(2550)  Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, raune raune dhara sajiyecho

You have come, and You have loved;
With hues aplenty Earth You've adorned.
Having asked for nothing, everything You gave;
You have remained filling mind's substratum.

With beauty unparalleled and virtue immense,
With incalculable stock of spiritual wealth,
When in thought of You I sail on Your name,
To lap having lifted up, tears You've expunged.

I will not forget You, I won't wipe from thinking;
On the sky of my psyche, two moons I won't keep.
You are the quintessence, limitless happiness;
Mind and heart You've captured in a minute.

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Stay a little longer

(2549)  Phagun tomar agun rauner

Springtide, your fire of color–
With red blooms you paint the world;
Not only woodlands, but in land of psyche,
You keep on stamping imprimatur.

After winter's inertia you've appeared,
Having made the flowers bloom in tiers.
With a wind and sky that's free,
Hymns you sing to a great commixture.

Springtime, don't go; stay a few days,
You abate the summer flames.
May the lute play to a clatter of rain;
Till after that, delay your departure.

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Monday, February 20, 2023

All is clear

(2548)  Kon saorakarojjvala prabhate

On which sunny morning,
Between You and me,
Upon eastern mountain,[1] had there been a meeting?
In my hand was a floral necklace
I give for wearing round the throat of You only.

In the world was not a third someone;
And there was no desire for any acquisition.
You and I, we were the two persons;
On seeing me, with smiling eyes You beamed.

You told: "When You will wish, I will appear;
Desire will be made known at the depths of psyche."
Not viewing externally but internally gazing,
So much saying, You left, going silently.

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Sunday, February 19, 2023

You give such delight

(2547)  Megh esechilo

Clouds had appeared
In Your light's many colors.
They had vanished, ever drifting
On a southern breeze with honeyed touch...
Danced had the peacock of psyche.

In the mind whatever blemish had been there,
Over course of ages it had been increased.
By the majesty of love, Your glamor exquisite,
It had been defeated extensively.

The world You delighted, oh Divine Tunesmith;
While adorning stealthily, You are an Artist.
On strings of the veena with melodic clamor,
It had fallen, what sweet beauty!

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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Yourself I remember

(2546)  Sukhe duhkhe tomay smari

In gladness, in sadness, Yourself I bethink.
Your benign undercurrent,
In my mental mirror I behold constantly.
You are mine, You are mine only.

With fall of tears on painful night,
With me You stay like pupil of an eye.
By lightning-fire though I be scorched,
You apply cooling balm compassionately.

Except for You, mine there is none;
In You I find the heart's touch.
Rhythmically resonant and always radiant,
I stay alive and I die solely with Thee.

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Friday, February 17, 2023

In a song of love

(2545)  Tomay niye ami achi

Accepting You, I exist;
In Your mind guard me dear.
On visits with tears and laughter,
Kindly keep an eye on me.

That I don't lose my way in darkness,
With Your glow I shimmer.
On Your love I float adrift;
Ever with me do stay please.

In the mind I realize You accompany;
Inside heart You've provided throbbing.
You've lingered within music mode and melody;
A lovesong's honey do You smear.

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Will You come to me?

(2544)  Tumi aro kache eso

Do come closer, please come near;
Staying within psyche, smile tenderly.

Since ages am I vigilant
For catching You in my heart.
I've stayed alive forsaking merriment;
At the dais adorned, come take a seat.

Ruler of the god of love, pride You demolish;
Growing within ego is all haughtiness.
But vanity inflated, hey, You humble;
You crush the vice of being worldly.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

He's so fine

(2543)  Phuler hasike jyotsnarashike

To a bloom's laughter and to heaps of moonlight,
You had told: "I hold dear.
I hold dear.
Abhorrence I know not, impediments I heed not;
At behest of just a heart, I come running.

"Even sweeter than honeyed nectar,
Dearer than life are you all.
I stay alert for the sake of everybody;
With love's bamboo-stick[1] I remove fear.

"For comprehensive welfare punishment I apply;
Purposeless is nothing mine.
Apparently severe, My lap is flower-like;
Behind the surface I am always smiling."

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023


(2542)  Tumi prabhu priya sabakar

You are Lord, everyone's Beloved;
In the universe Your likeness is not there.
Formless One, in Your realm of form,
I can't see any deficiency.

Your frequent visits never happen...
You are everlasting, beyond measure, limitless.
You had been, are at present, and will persist;
And so I wish to stay in sanctuary.

Heaven, Earth, and Hell are filled with Your luster;
By Your love the mind is overwhelmed.
The equivalent or equal of You does not exist;
Your kindness, that's the place I esteem.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

When I'm lonely

(2541)  Tumi jakhan esechile, surjya chilo purvakashe

When You had come,
On eastern sky was the sun.
Upon a colored flower, sleepiness shrugged off,
The Honeybee has searched for exudation.

Then I, seated minus companion,
With passion garland have I strung,
Taking and tying to hair-bun
In hope of Your arrival adjacent.

By noon, not close did You show up;
Blossom was fallen, being shrunk.
At eventide with its play of color,
I remained seated, eyes dumbstruck.

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In Your cosmic flow

(2540)  Gun amar nei mani

I have no quality, I concede;
Despite that, I am Yours only.
Careening on Your stream,
This wee heart gets replete.

Wicked or sinless, if I be,
I don't know, hey Master.
I just know Your path, and
From it I don't withdraw ever.
Frequent visits, tears and laughs,
I perform, recalling Thee.

I know that You remain with;
I see You inextricably united.
You preserve me under shelter,
Granting unearned mercy.

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Monday, February 13, 2023


(2539)  Tumi maner kalima saraye diyecho

My mental gloom You've removed;
Naught You asked in exchange.
After making me Your own,
To take the load You never failed.

My darkness You took with Thee,
Lavishing Your light on me.
You said: "Fast on My path proceeding,
Lo, you got no pain."

"All is Thine", I replied,
"Inside You I find new life.
For Your love everything would I consign,
But not a thing You did take."

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Sunday, February 12, 2023

What might have been

(2538)  Varasar rate niirave nibhrte, tumi esechile gopane

On monsoon night, silently and secretly,
You had come stealthily.
Barred was the entrance to my dwelling;
At the window was no opening.

Drenched You'd gotten by gale stormy;
Eyelids, You had kept them screened.
Standing at the door and knocking,
You gave stir to my thinking.

Just then, I gave not an answer;
Having lost consciousness, fast asleep I'd been.
Obtaining after ages the Guest Esteemed,
I failed to tie with love's bindings.

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Saturday, February 11, 2023

My everything

(2537)  Bhalabasi ami tomake prabhu tomake

You, Lord, Yourself I hold dear.
Your air, Your light,
They satisfy my whole desire;
Not a thing remains outstanding.

You are in the moon's splendor;
You've been filling night's black color.
Amid nectar in the months of spring,
You are with a flower budding.

Neath the summer heat, its burning flames,
You are in the jasmine[1] leis.
For Your sake eyes do weep;
In those eyes with a thrill You are there.

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The mystery

(2536)  Nayane nayane rakho

Ever in Your eyes You keep;
Why don't You come near?
From afar You smile gently,
A word why not speak?

By just Your love, the earth,
It's been filled with luster.
Having brought in life a sweetness,
You remove the gloom of staticity.

The sweet smile of only You
And Your stirring flute,
The heart-core coming into,
They inform: You hold dear.

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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Please appear, my Darling

(2535)  Tumi eso prane o pradiipe

You please arrive with life and lantern
In my psychic box of gems.
The Splendor Celestial, come with love;
Let it be poured upon a heart barren.

You're my meditation and cognition, You're my private deity;
More than heaven, full of sweetness, Providence is You only.
Thought of You alone, a honeyed sensibility,
A parched life it fills with ambrosia.

Along Your path, oh I am moving,
Just Your love in my breast holding
And Your name always invoking
Upon existential river's course.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Are there two?

(2534)  Ami achi ki nei nahi jani

Whether I am or not, I don't know;
Lord, You exist, You pour light.
My beam is like a firefly;
You're the sun, shining bright.

At Your feet I am gaining a place;
Provider of shelter, You are the Great.
You're magnanimous to both the senseless and sensate;
You eradicate the color black, external and inside.

No one is outside of You anywhere;
Within You is the seat of everybody.
In my mind it comes, it smiles on my psyche:
In conclusion, You spill into my mind.

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Sacred refuge

(2533)  Jatai mayar jal bune jao

As much mayic web as You keep knitting,
You won't manage to delude me.
At Your feet I've taken sanctuary;
Except You I know nothing.

You are the fixed aim of my meditation,
With japa, name, and song, with psychic awareness.
Removing my deficiency and filling thought,
You have gone on being my endeavor holy.

Oh the Great Ruby, perpetually radiant,
Even though come in form, You are not mortal.
Beyond temporality, hey the Space-Transcending Man,
On a person You have lavished cordiality.

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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The heart has eyes

(2532)  Tomay buddhite bojha bhar

It's hard to understand You with the intellect;
Surpassing infatuation, past both sense and acumen,
Shoreless is the ocean of wisdom quiescent.

Those who are fallen into abyss of pride,
Even familiar, You they cannot recognize.
Time after time, in only Your mayic web,
Ego gets enmeshed.

Though they stay listening, they cannot hear;
They move on a faulty path with incorrect thinking.
You are the polestar; but they, not having wanted,
They see gloomy darkness.

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Friday, February 3, 2023

It's taking a long time

(2531)  Khunje gechi jiivan bhare

I've gone on searching all my life;
Where do You lie hidden?
At riverside, in forest and on pike,
In pilgrim-sites, I see You haven't been.

Not a thing is in vain;
Having sought You, surely I'll obtain.
Through my tears, at home and outside,
I see where You have been.

So many lifetimes have gone by;
So many springtimes, they have cried.
So many ties have yanked behind;
Exceeding all, my heart You've filled.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

To be of use

(2530)  Svapane jabe esechile

When in dream You had turned up,
Inside life why didn't You come?
On pouring light at break of dawn;
The sweetness, why did You withdraw?

As often as I contemplate Your news,
Mind goes sailing, breaking finitude.
Those with rhythmic aptitude, abundant or minute,
Unitedly they dance ahead as one.

I'll go on thinking of You all my life through;
I will stay oblivious to pain on the thought of You.
I've recognized that in life production of fruit
Happens on love's river-shore.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A heady ecstasy

(2529)  Banshiite kareche utala

Something in a flute has made eager–
Heeds not time, proper or improper.
In a perfect fifth, the flute plays,
Holding on to me by name;
Lonesome I race, disregarding shyness.

On work the mind does not remain;
Always I hear that flute play–
It's ruinous and dulcet.

I think that I won't pay attention–
I'll respond no longer.
As much as it may call to me,
Though hearing I won't listen.
But not to listen I'm not able;
Upon thinking that, in shame I cringe;
You all tell me: What's this burning torment?

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