Sunday, February 28, 2016

One family

(460)  Purvakashe rauniin rage

In the crimson color of eastern sky,
Lovingly, You have arrived.
With a gala of light in the sky of mind,[1]
Bestowing fulfillment, You've smiled.

Dismissing distinction twixt ones near and far,
The bounds of limitation You've swept aside.
Quenching throats that were sorely parched,
You've dispensed the nectar of life.

Amid a hushed and static darkness
The Formless is graced with radiant vibration.
With Your very own hand upon our eyelids,
You've painted the salve of blissful ideation.

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These tears of mine

(459)  Amay niye tomar e kii khela

With me what a play You make,
Every minute, Lord, night and day.
I cannot forget, even by mistake;
Through many a ruse I come to garland You.

As a shadow remains with its body,
Touching each part, touching each part,
You've enveloped the heart of my heart,
Pasting honey, pasting honey.
Wherever I look, it's You I see invariably.
Why do like that; what is Your strategy?

My ardent longing is spread upon the wind;
Its fragrance won't be stifled by the sky.
It floats, weeping, unto the far heavens;
With these tears of mine, what is Your desire?

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Friday, February 26, 2016

See me

(458)  Jadi tomay na daki go tumi

Lord, if I don't call You,
Won't You come?
Ever going Your own way,
Can't You tarry for a while?

One with Your many colors
Is the mind that's with You.
The kohl painted on Your eyes,
Don't You see that?

In the gentle breeze of spring,
The heart pursues Your illusion.
Renouncing all to get You,
That's my passion, don't You know?

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One and all

(457)  Ami tomar manete achi go

Lord, I exist in Your mind;
Everyone is in Your mind.
In Your heart dances a world
That constantly craves Your grace.

In Your light, the flower buds
Rise abloom at dawn.
Whelmed by devotion, the buds of mind
Are mad for Your love tryst.
In that rhythm of amorous play,
All feeling and every yearning
Dissipate within Thee.

By awareness of You, colorful moments,
They get imbued with sweetness.
A lonesome soul romps with delight,
Owing to Your touch.
In that melodic cadence,
Every profit and all goodwill
Dance as one to a single beat.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

He has come

(456)  Se je eseche se je eseche

The Lord has come, He's come.
From afar on a stream of music,
Pleasing the world, He's come.

With floral fragrance, He's appeared;
With jeweled radiance, He's laughed.
Like light falling on a riverstream,
All aglitter, He's danced.

In mind's mirror, He's appeared;
In heart's pavilion, He's laughed.
With shower of light brought twinkling,
On Milky Way, He's poured nectar.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hope against hope

(455)  Amar sedin hariye geche

Lost are those days of mine
When You remained by my side.
A mental garland I once offered
At the foot of love's altar.

In my garden, still they grin;
The jasmine and magnolia burgeon.
But You went somewhere far, far off;
Now flowers blossom all for naught.

Addicted to dawn's crimson color,
My pollen still does quiver.
Fresh pollen, it is falling down,
Lying neglected on the ground.

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Always welcome

(454)  Eso amara ghare prabhu krpa kare

Oh Lord, kindly come into my dwelling;
The throne is made ready...
By it is a vase of flowers and a candelabra.
Coated with mental sweetness in myriad streams
Is my heart's yearning to greet You continually.

This throne is never eclipsed by dark of night;
The vase is never capped by any kind of shame.
Without assist, the candle flame goes on alight,
For Your sake alone, Lord, only for Your sake.

Circumscribed by dream is my mental sweetness;
Like a forest doe, it is brimming with obeisance.
Lost in eternity is my heart's yearning
To bathe Your lotus feet with a stream of tears,
To greet You continually.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Time and again

(453)  Tomarei ami bhalabasiyachi

I have cherished only Thee
Time and again, age after age in many forms.
Have You forgotten that whole history,
Those declarations of love?

What was once a seed became a sprout;
A mango tree teemed with fruit and flower.
The billowing sea of nectar climbed;
Then there came about high tide.

What was hidden in psychic caverns,
Got dispersed in woods and gardens.
In flourishing groves, the mental buds
Blossomed with exquisite looks.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Back and forth

(452)  Arupa sagare snan kariyacho

You took a dip in the formless sea
And brought back articles of beauty.
You stirred up love-filled rumination
And painted eyes with collyrium.

Extracting the essence of sandal,
You gladdened the hearts of all.
Casting eyes full of affection,
You gave the taste of ambrosia.

Anything not good You've removed,
And everything good You've endued.
With a sweet chant in the mind of bees,
You have strewn the nectar of peace.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring offering

(451)  Tomari tare saji bhare

For You alone my basket is full;
Inside are the flowers I've put:
Tagar and juthi, bela and malatii,[1]
Magnolia, rose, and bullet wood.

Dew-drenched and honey-sprinkled,
Bathed in the love of my heart,
I've brought a careful selection,
With sweet scent equal to ambrosia.

Dancing madly to Your cadence and song,
Jungles and gardens have blossomed in abundance.
In this spring romp, amid the plantlife swaying,
I've filled my basket, unkempt tresses flying free.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Before and now

(450)  Se amar apanar

He is my very own–
That I did not know; ere now, I did not know.
He was my melody, rehearsed meticulously,
But that I did not think; ere now, I did not think.

When He kept near,
Dancing to lyric and beat,
He was the sweetness of my psyche,
But I did not pay heed; ere now, I did not heed.

At present He has gone away, casting me aside,
Thrusting me into estrangement's fire;
But once there was so much love,
So much splendid aspiration.
At last I've understood; ere now, I did not see.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The unbodied stream

(449)  Mane asiyacho prane asiyacho

You appear in the mind, you appear in the heart;
You've arrived in each and every penchant of life.
The very dust of this earth You sanctify;
With loving-kindness You come in scent and hue.

Coated with greenery are the plants embellished;
Filled with honeyscent are the blooms encouraged.
With heartfragrance and with spiritsong,
Joy rains down on earth in a shower of nectar.

With the melody of songs is Your liila played out;
With the rhythm of dance does Your sweetness spout.
In the ocean of ambrosia, brimming with love,
You've let loose the unbodied stream.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

A jeweled lamp

(448)  Manidiip jvele rekhechi

A jeweled lamp I've kept lit
In a private corner of my heart.
When You come into my home,
I will seat You most cordially.

Kindled with heart's compassion,
My lamp decants vital pollen.
The forest flowers gathered in my mind,
I have covered them with kindness.

My songs are performed in just one melody,
And attuned to just one lute string.
Due to singing, day and night I am attentive,
In hearing, thought, and meditation.

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The ecstasy of Thee

(447)  Prabhu tomay kii kahiba ar

Lord, what will I tell You further?
In this life I've found the Unbodied Gem;
My living's become the essence of ambrosia.

Utter darkness has gone very far away.
The realm of light's descended with many melodies;
My unbounded glee has been set dancing.

Every trace of confusion has gone.
My body and mind thrill with the arrived delight;
They throb with the ecstasy of Thee.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My light, my life

(446)  Alo alo alo amar

Light, light, light of mine;
By that light the world is pleased.
My fount of light flows in hundred streams,
Exuding nectar, oh, exuding nectar.

River water made to glitter,
Ripples down toward the sea.
By rows of illumined waves
Ocean water is unhindered,
It is not hindered, no, not hindered.

Beside the light there are rain clouds,
On seeing that, mind's peacock prances.
Twanging in cadence of dance,
Allegro sounds my ektara.
With one mind drones my one-stringed lute,
My monochord, oh, my ektara.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Ghost lights

(445)  Prabhu mama priyatama

Oh Lord, my Dearest,
I run after You down lonesome roads,
Like the musk deer,[1] oh Most Remote.

From dawn's sprinkled light through darkest night,
On paths well-frequented or lost in the wild,
Always with me are You, yet still I pursue,
Chasing ignis fatuus, such a blunder I do,
Oh Lord, my Nearest.

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Inside and out

(444)  Vaner bhramara phula pane dhay

The jungle bees rush toward flowers;
My mental bees, they seek Him.
They seek Him, they seek only Him.
The jewel box of my vanquished heart,
He is beyond obtainment or not.

What is behind their attraction,
Oh, do the bees know?
And why does He smile so,
Producing an unaccountable thrill?

I'd describe what eyes observe,
But I remain shy and do not speak.
With what sweetness am I smeared,
Covered with honey beyond words.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In this pleasure grove

(443)  Alora mela kare je khela

The sport made by a gala of light
Privately in my life...
I have caught it, and I've gleaned
It's Your liila with me personally.

Studiously I weave Your victory wreath,
And fill my tray[1] with scented yearning.
Memories of lost joy are revived
In a corner of my mind.

With dawn's crimson color I paint
The days that yet to me remain.
Mind's ecstasy and heart's gusto
Undulate in this pleasure grove.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fill me with Your light

(442)  Eso kache mama pranera priyatama

Love of my life, please come nigh.
Like the soothing paste of sandalwood,
Touch me with Your pleasant scent;
Spread my eyes wide with Your smile.

In every psyche in earth's every niche,
In some deep cavern have You kept hid.
Coming before me with Your radiant light,
Oh Lord, please fill my heart and mind.

You were concealed in unconscious mind,
And also in subconscious sometimes.
Come down, come into my conscious mind;
And make me forget all my mind's pride.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wrapped in light

(441)  Purva arunacale tumi jabe esechile

When You appeared on eastern horizon,
You lifted Earth's black, overcast night.
Lilies sang, getting Your rays of light;
And sweetness blossomed on water and land.

Thereafter did not remain any gloomy lamentation—
The drought was over; assorted greenery came out.
Gently wrapped in light, atoms and molecules roll about;
And so under blue sky began the annals[1] of Creation.

Around the feet of the One, with mantra of only the One,
In rhythm and song everyone makes haste in same embrace.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

He flies across the sky

(440)  Se je esechilo

It is He Who had arrived
At the first dawn of life, oh,
At the first dawn of life.
On a chariot of golden light
He flies across the sky, lo,
He flies across the sky.

Throughout the universe was a hush;
None was there to speak a word,
None with whom to share heart's sorrow,
Naught but dust in this world, no,
Naught but dust in this world.

Ardent for existence, at dawn's crimson color,
With heart's pollen
He bestows fragrance, yes,
He bestows fragrance.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Bashfully at Your lotus feet

(439)  Aji vasanta elo jiivane

Today, springtide arrived in my life.
You have come, and You awakened
A fresh vibration in the world.

Deep-rooted is the stir that You have given
In fragrant flowers, without and within;
In perfumed incense and honeybees of mind;
And in cosmetic balm applied to my eyes.

With mango, bakul, and shimul blossoms,
You've colored my heart's silken cloth,
On this mental spring, in hushed secrecy,
Bashfully at Your lotus feet.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heart's content

(438)  Paran bhare baran kari

Once I've welcomed You to heart's content,
Please come this day into my home.
Let me view You till my eyes are full;
Let me shelter You, holding Your feet.

With sweetness of fruits and flowers
I have filled my wicker tray.[1]
All heart's corners are arrayed
To receive You now and ever after.

In my hearing, thought, and contemplation,
Please take Your seat today on my heart's throne.
The hope that was restrained in psychic cavern,
Consummate it now by Your sweet grace.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

At my garden house

(437)  Tomari manane tomari shravane

Thinking only of You, listening only to You,
To parts unknown my mind goes sailing,
Sailing beyond the sea of light.
With but Your name and song, rhythm and melody,
My mind, it hankers to acquire,
Hankers to acquire lost treasure once again.

I have kept arranged my heart-seat,
Meticulously, to accommodate Thee.
I've decked it with mind's incense and lamps
To worship Thee as best I can.
Come, please come my dear, come my darling dear;
You are my most beloved, by Your sweet mercy.

At my garden house in a myrtle bower,[1]
The water of love rains down incessantly.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


(436)  More kii katha balo go tumi

Oh, what are You saying to me,
When conscious, when unconscious?
That message, I cannot grasp;
Feeling abashed, my mind swoons.

In Your garden, so many flowers blossom;
In Your mind, so many jewels shine.
Though I might realize You,
In Your divine game, I am defeated.
My downcast eyes drown in tears.

What lies in Your mind,
That only Your mind knows.
You have conquered my heart;
Heart lost, what endures?

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