Sunday, February 14, 2016

My light, my life

(446)  Alo alo alo amar

Light, light, light of mine;
By that light the world is pleased.
My fount of light flows in hundred streams,
Exuding nectar, oh, exuding nectar.

River water made to glitter,
Ripples down toward the sea.
By rows of illumined waves
Ocean water is unhindered,
It is not hindered, no, not hindered.

Beside the light there are rain clouds,
On seeing that, mind's peacock prances.
Twanging in cadence of dance,
Allegro sounds my ektara.
With one mind drones my one-stringed lute,
My monochord, oh, my ektara.

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  1. In the final stage of Neohumanism, human existence becomes an all-consuming mission of love.