Wednesday, February 3, 2016

At my garden house

(437)  Tomari manane tomari shravane

Thinking only of You, listening only to You,
To parts unknown my mind goes sailing,
Sailing beyond the sea of light.
With but Your name and song, rhythm and melody,
My mind, it hankers to acquire,
Hankers to acquire lost treasure once again.

I have kept arranged my heart-seat,
Meticulously, to accommodate Thee.
I've decked it with mind's incense and lamps
To worship Thee as best I can.
Come, please come my dear, come my darling dear;
You are my most beloved, by Your sweet mercy.

At my garden house in a myrtle bower,[1]
The water of love rains down incessantly.

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  1. Devotion is a gift that we may cultivate but only He can bestow.