Sunday, February 28, 2016

These tears of mine

(459)  Amay niye tomar e kii khela

With me what a play You make,
Every minute, Lord, night and day.
I cannot forget, even by mistake;
Through many a ruse I come to garland You.

As a shadow remains with its body,
Touching each part, touching each part,
You've enveloped the heart of my heart,
Pasting honey, pasting honey.
Wherever I look, it's You I see invariably.
Why do like that; what is Your strategy?

My ardent longing is spread upon the wind;
Its fragrance won't be stifled by the sky.
It floats, weeping, unto the far heavens;
With these tears of mine, what is Your desire?

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  1. By hook or crook, He brings us all tearfully to His lotus feet.