Monday, April 30, 2018

Stuck in a rut

(958)  Pather bhule aji ele

Today, having lost Your way, You appeared;
What drew You here, Lord, tell me please.
Myself You had been disregarding,
From distant heaven, on golden seat.

With so much play what's Your point in going on?
Having heard and understood, You do not respond.
Or do You think an answer You did give,
That to me on a song of love it will drift?

Despite all that, about You do I speak,
Within my mind, inside Your ear.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Here and there

(957)  Tumi kahar tare acho patha ceye

For Whose sake are you staring at the path,
Your hair in braids, a threaded garland in hand?
What sort of mind-thief has won your heart?
On being loved, He departs, keeping afar.

In this heavy rain with what conviction
Did you get yourself completely drenched?
Who is He, ever new and ever fresh?
From this world He left you abstracted.

On what river current have you gone off sailing
To what radiant land, smiling softly?
Who is He, always tranquil but at play unappeased?
He drew you to a place that's honey-sweet.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Black and gold

(956)  Alo jhara rate tumi ele

You arrived, a cascade of luster in the night;
You kindled a light, You kindled a light;
In my dark psyche, You kindled a light.

You drove far away the gloomy, sable haze;
Goodness You replaced, goodness You replaced;
Instantly in me, goodness You replaced.

A black touchstone was this heart of mine;
With Your gold streak it grew intensely bright.
Tenderly You stroked, tenderly You stroked;
Little by little, You made me Your own.

Unseen and unstained, You are my beloved,
Diverting and worthy of respect as well.
You coated with honey, You coated with honey;
You suffused the blue azure with ecstasy.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

In the end

(955)  Mor mana majhe ele rajara veshe

Dressed like a king, You appeared inside my mind,
With affection, a love of some special type.
Ground into dust was my pride,
In a trice, Lord, in the twinkle of an eye.

Not a peep do You make in the outer world;
Dwelling at the core of heart, You gave that a stir.
In Your contemplation, I was left abashed;
Granting embrace, You came at last, with enchanting laugh.

Having swung back and forth in restless winds,
Graceful pose was struck by the golden ivy of ambition.
On that creeper bloomed a flower at Your touch,
Eventually, after waiting very much.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

To infinity and beyond

(954)  Tomar e bhalabasa asiime melamesha

This love of Yours, an intimacy with infinity,
Upon time's mirror it emerges, rising intangibly.
From form into the formless, in rhythm and in song,
Wherefrom did it come, and whereto is it going?

Ancient Lover, having doled out life's ambrosia, You depart;
Asking for naught, You just smile in a heaven of the heart.

What's occurred in the three worlds,[1] it transpires for all time;
What is yet to be expressed, in Your mind it shines.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Everyone but me

(953)  Tomari lagiya achi je jagiya

Because of You awake am I;
On my joined eyelids there's no sleep.
I have but one desire, and it's unsatisfied;
Why this stinginess with me only?

In air and sky, Your hymns Earth sings;
Amid the fragrance, floral pollen swoons.
Your splendor is amazing in each molecule
And in the private crannies of the psyche.

The sweet smile of stars, the lamp of the moon...
Among life's light-rays, they are all good;
Yet in this climate, even more nectar You pour,
Making hearts brim with a gentle footfall,
With southern wind wrapped in a tender touch.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Wanting You

(952)  Tumi esecho madhu dhelecho

You have come, nectar conferring;
You've made bright my psyche.
Gently You've smiled, eyes opening;
You've expelled all my fatigue.

My love is what perceives Thee;
My song is what allures Thee.
My memory whispers in both ears
That never You've forgotten me.

Even now on my chignon is the blossom You've bequeathed;
Even now the night makes me very uneasy.
Gripped by the Raag Purabi, I am with yearning;
Though You've moved on, have You gone on listening?

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Existential questions

(951)  Phulbagane bhomara elo

The bumblebee came to a flower garden,
But why was he buzzing?
Please tell me the reason.
To make petals unfold what does he say,
And why the honey did he take away?
Oh what is this pain!

In flowers, why was there honey;
And where did it come from?
The honey called to bumblebee,
But why had it that fancy?

Come bumblebee and flowers laugh,
With the wish for give-and-take.
All honey blends, becoming one,
The meshed web of the One's liila.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Circle of love

(950)  Tomar patha pane sabai ceye

Toward Your path everyone's attentive;
Everybody is attuned to Your inclinations.
Each song's beat circles Thee,
Rehearsed to Your charming melody.

It's such a chore being adored, impossible to ignore;
Entwined within mind is the saga of Your love.

Clouds are rumbling, and lightning fire is striking;
But still Your ballad the unperturbed heart sings.

Steadfast is Your gaze, Your beauty is undefiled;
Oh Lord, You have made some kind of paradise.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Somewhere in the universe it is 1500 BCE

(949)  Tumi amay niye ele

Myself You did bring
Inside some realm heavenly.
With sweetness You imbued
My heart's Jamuna.[1]

Brimming with love is Jamuna's flow
On eyelids bright with divine kohl.
Within rejoicing hearts, in ever-new attire,
At some Mathura as the king You have just arrived.

In heaven and on earth, everything You eclipsed;
On heartskies throbbing, You let flow streams of ambrosia.
With notes of enchanting flute, with transcendental song,
This very day, You bore me away, making me Your own.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Love play

(948)  Tomarei ami bhalobasiyachi

I've been loving you only;
For ages aplenty, in many forms and love-streams,
With my spiderweb I go on binding.

Gathering all the sweetness of mind
Into love's collyrium traced on the eyes,
I keep waiting for you all the time,
A smile on my lips and with desire.

Carefully my hair I've kept braiding;
A heavenly song I've kept rehearsing;
With dance's speech, to cymbals' beat,
Beside your path I've remained standing.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Too soon

(947)  Ami tomay dakini prabhu

Lord, I don't invite Thee,
But You have come compassionately.
For Your coming I was not ready,
But You prepared Your own seat.

The floral garland is not wove;
Lines of this song have not been honed.
The alpana has not been drawn
Upon the strokes of this love-drama.

White sandalwood is not pounded;
The altar's tinfoil is not affixed.
Upon forehead a tilak is not etched;
Unlit is the wick on candlestick.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Come back

(946)  Eso prabhu amar ghare

Master, enter my abode;
It's You I have been wanting.
Listen to my inner sorrow;
For You I am surviving.

You're the lighthouse on a gloomy path,
The broken bosom's ardor,
The gist of my forehead's tilak,
Both luminous and virtuous.
You're the pleasure of the lost resumed;
Long ago I'd known You.

Come near, into the core of heart;
With honey I have kept it stocked.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Petals opened wide

(945)  Madhuvane madhup elo

The bee entered a pleasure garden;
For whom was it humming?
In hope of him alone, the flower pollen,
Day and night, went without sleep.

At center of the buds is life's honey;
Oh Loving Friend, it was concealed.
Petals unfolding, cover lifting,
With love the light appeared.

Age after age, neck stretched in eagerness,
Time has elapsed in expectation of His advent.
Impatient heart, with speechless language,
Looking toward the path, counts the minutes.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fervent desire

(944)  Ami tomarei ceyechi

I have wanted only Thee
In every atom of my being.
To You alone I've felt attached;
I've wanted to feel more of that.

It is a fruitless monsoon evening;
Endlessly, these eyes of mine exude tears.
A tuberose[1] is weeping;
Its pollen, mute, has been spent.
Lord, pardoning my crimes,
Kindly come and cast Your sweet smile.

Yonder, a black cloud floats in the sky;
But stars shine within my mind.
The screwpine stamen[2] wafts in the wind;
And, in all actions, I'm preoccupied.
My mental distress, Your having realized,
Please come and, thereby, all my desires satisfy.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fire and ice

(943)  Tumi nirday kena

Why must You be callous?
I call and call, but You don't come;
Your heart is like a stone.
I never see another acting so.

Swimming in tears, how many nights have passed!
Waiting for You, my candle got extinguished.
You're the one companion of a life impoverished;
Though this fact is known, You don't understand.

If You don't wish to grant embrace,
Why bestow that hope always?
You make love's river flow upstream;
From far You smile tenderly and speak nothing.

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Friday, April 13, 2018


(942)  Tumi amar ashar alo

You are my ray of hope;
You are my lantern of life.
You know how to give love;
You are the niip scent of rainy nights.

On this ceaseless journey,
You alone are with me constantly.
In sorrow's flames and on pleasure's swing,
With garland of tears, You are my golden bindi.

Everybody knows, we all concede,
Your love is affectionately contrary.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


(941)  Amar ruddha ghare aloy bhare

In my close abode filled with lightrays,
Who gave those rays at dawn today?
Would anyone care to say?
Spots black are now aflood with color;
How did that occur?

The sky, the wind, the stars flashing;
Outside my home they had been.
Into my life their brightness came;
To me a jolt that gave...
What has happened I will explain.

Those who were once far and foreign,
On every side they came round me;
And with my every deed in their midst,
Abide will I inside this universe...
The distant, close and closer still
Shall I draw; with love I'm filled.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Light of my life

(940)  Sakal kusume surabhi tumi

In every bloom, You are the fragrance;
In every heart, You're the bright lamp.
On eastern sky, You're crimson color;
Into the hues of yore, nectar You pour.

Any missed beat, it is not Thine;
Your movement never fails to keep time.
As You once were, so now You be;
Staying the same, well You'll proceed.

In mind's garden, sweetness You are;
From love-play's stream, You've filled water-jars.
Charged with intuition, oh Spirited One,
Your splendor dissipates the dark.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Here comes the sun

(939)  Alor sarathii mayukhamalay ase

Light's charioteer rides the sun.
At whom does He gaze and with what expectation?
On the sun He comes.

Melting winter's compact ice,
Affectionately He inspires
With His warm heart's sweet, sweet breath.

Filling offerings of gold with nectar,
The sun-rider's heart whelms all that's small,
Providing warmth to everyone...
To everyone He gives love.

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Monday, April 9, 2018


(938)  Jabe jiivane pratham bandhuya eseche

When my Chief Friend entered my life,
That day have I forgotten now.
Then, groves were filled with more flowers;
Unabashedly the moon did smile.

A southern breeze came and told me:
"The Friend Who's come deception knows;
Today He loves, but He won't come tomorrow...
Smiling from afar, He's monarch of the psyche."

Upon His footdust left behind
Ever spills the sweetness of my mind.
In the mind's mirror hiding does He lie;
Oft I see Him when shyness be cast aside.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Burning desire

(937)  Tomare cai je mane prane

I yearn for You passionately;
With all my heart I crave Thee.
On moonlit nights and nights with no moon,
In pain and pleasure, I bethink You.

Off to the distant sky my mind goes;
There, just Your image is afloat.
Upon the vast skyblue and woodland avenues,
Around cascading waterfalls are You.

The desert mirage and the sands burning,
The pleasant heaven in a gentle breeze...
Amid them all I behold Thee.
Come closer, Lord; show me mercy.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

All lives in Him

(936)  Bale jao bale jao ogo prabhu

Tell me, Lord, tell me please;
For whom had You come, welcoming hardship?
Dark was the night and cloud-covered;
Apart from that, the path was slippery.

Etched assiduously were Your footprints
On the path by which You'd come secretly.
Even now the dust of that path dances in ecstasy;
Remembering Your holy advent.

Days and months go by; passes everything...
On dusty earth, what comes, it leaves–
Just memories abide in the gem of mind only.
That jewel, circling You it shines bright;
And so I cling to Thee, my arms spread wide.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Architect

(935)  Esecho hiya jinecho, na baliya sab kichu niye niyecho

You have come... my heart You have won;
Without speaking, You have carried off my entirety.
I have sought You in the outside world,
While You were inside, brightening my psyche.

The dust of Your feet is the celestial beauty;
Your thoughts make up the whole universe's body.
You have smiled and granted Your affection;
And thereby, unadvertised, everything You've given.

Mason of the universe, You are cosmic consciousness;
You're the honey-coated love song that is blemishless.
You've understood and borne whatever may be known;
Yet, ignoring merit and demerit, grace You've bestowed.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018


(934)  Manera pradiip niviya geche

The lamp of mind has got extinguished;
Lord, please come, bearing a matchstick.
My heart's flower has been dropping;
A fresh flower, make it blossom please.

Torn has been the lute-string of my life;
A new string's coupling do I desire.
My pendant's precious gem has been lost,
And I don't find the jewel that I've sought.
A portrait of despondency,
In front of You I am standing.

With crest and trough rivers proceed,
Sometimes low and sometimes lofty...
This truth is soul's history.
So that I won't forget from time to time,
From above, always ignite a light;
Go on extending Your two feet.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ready and willing

(933)  Hrdaye eso prabhu

Please enter my heart, Lord and Master–
Severed is the gloom of worldliness,
Lifted is all of my weariness,
All ego, forced to wallow in the dust.

On Your lustrous path, lonely am I,
Not wanting to remain deprived of light;
Come You to me in person, oh please do...
With Your own hand, the dark remove.

Ever onward rolls Your chariot of splendor,
Taking those below the spell of maya upward;
Take me too, oh Lord, along with everyone...
In Your light-stream, bathe me with liberation.[1]

Expunged is the ink of imperfection,
Severed is the gloom of worldliness;
Please enter my heart, Lord and Master.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Take me back

(932)  Alakha purusa tumi

You are Consciousness Unseen;
Tied am I to finite boundaries...
Above constraint please do take me.
Beyond space and time and psyche,
Attribute-free Supreme Being,
A grain of Your grace, please give me.

The fragrance that was in the flower,
The sweetness that had mixed therein,
Please glance once in its direction.

The ambrosia that was dripped,
The honey that has been exuded,
Please draw once more into Your presence.

This is the refuge I am seeking;
Other than You I know nothing...
On my heartsky, kindly forever appear.

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