Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fervent desire

(944)  Ami tomarei ceyechi

I have wanted only Thee
In every atom of my being.
To You alone I've felt attached;
I've wanted to feel more of that.

It is a fruitless monsoon evening;
Endlessly, these eyes of mine exude tears.
A tuberose[1] is weeping;
Its pollen, mute, has been spent.
Lord, pardoning my crimes,
Kindly come and cast Your sweet smile.

Yonder, a black cloud floats in the sky;
But stars shine within my mind.
The screwpine stamen[2] wafts in the wind;
And, in all actions, I'm preoccupied.
My mental distress, Your having realized,
Please come and, thereby, all my desires satisfy.

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