Friday, April 27, 2018

Black and gold

(956)  Alo jhara rate tumi ele

You arrived, a cascade of luster in the night;
You kindled a light, You kindled a light;
In my dark psyche, You kindled a light.

You drove far away the gloomy, sable haze;
Goodness You replaced, goodness You replaced;
Instantly in me, goodness You replaced.

A black touchstone was this heart of mine;
With Your gold streak it grew intensely bright.
Tenderly You stroked, tenderly You stroked;
Little by little, You made me Your own.

Unseen and unstained, You are my beloved,
Diverting and worthy of respect as well.
You coated with honey, You coated with honey;
You suffused the blue azure with ecstasy.

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