Friday, April 20, 2018

Somewhere in the universe it is 1500 BCE

(949)  Tumi amay niye ele

Myself You did bring
Inside some realm heavenly.
With sweetness You imbued
My heart's Jamuna.[1]

Brimming with love is Jamuna's flow
On eyelids bright with divine kohl.
Within rejoicing hearts, in ever-new attire,
At some Mathura as the king You have just arrived.

In heaven and on earth, everything You eclipsed;
On heartskies throbbing, You let flow streams of ambrosia.
With notes of enchanting flute, with transcendental song,
This very day, You bore me away, making me Your own.

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  1. In the psyche of a devotee, every day He appears as the new king.