Tuesday, July 31, 2018


(1050)  Ami tomay bhule andhar tale

Having forgotten You, I am under darkness;
To some vile place have I descended.
Why did You not bar me this?
Overlooking heart, I've become odious...
I've yielded to my demons.
Why did You endure it without stint?

Not taking light as the target,
Not treading on the path of logic,
I've walked about with arrogance,
Blinded by unreal attachment.

Not ridding my own blemishes
And taking on smirches of others,
Creating quakes in sky and wind,
My mouth I went on flapping.

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Monday, July 30, 2018

The one place I don't look

(1049)  Ami tomar sandhane adri kanane

I am in search of Thee on mountain and in forest;
I've gone looking, but You don't submit.
In holy sites, along the way, or in the wilderness,
Nowhere do I get a glimpse.

Careening on a swing between hope and hopelessness,
My mind has gone off racing in many a strange realm.
By cultivating knowledge in debates and conferences,
Not one thing have I accomplished.

On the ocean, in its deeps, in jungles, and in gardens,
In so many beautiful expanses of flowers...
My search I have widened to the wind and to the heavens,
But psyche's depths I don't seek within.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stop the pain

(1154)  Tumi esechile alo jvelechile

You had come, and You had kindled light;
Unto the world humanity had arrived.
You had loved, and You had poured ambrosia;
In the mind tenderness had awakened.

Much fragmented by divisive intellect,
An injured world had been rent.
Marks of pain on her whole body
The partitioned Mother Earth is bearing.

You made all bright, on wounds balm You applied;
To whose grievous pleas did You reply?
Of dismay You disposed by raising hope,
You told: "I am here, assuaging the sorrow."

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sweet agony

(1048)  Ke go gan geye jay

Oh, Who keeps singing
To make me hear
At this inauspicious moment!
Who plays the flute–
Its charm makes me swoon
With unspoken anguish.

He sees not right time nor heeds public disgrace;
Hearts full of vanity He draws to a distant place
With this kind of pain.

From the first morning that we met,
Acquaintance became full of love, step by step.
Time and space went away... only love remained;
I drift onward toward some divine state.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

A modest achievement

(1047)  Niirave caliya jai

I am moving on silently...
Summoned by an obscure voice, a respite I've received.
Farewell salutation do I pay to everybody.

Night and day I've been with all in joy and sorrow,
In the midst of diverse deeds, in assorted forms and clothes.
Presently, I desire leave to go.

I've not given any happiness, I've merely given anguish;
As much pleasure as I've found, I've wanted yet more still.
The night has been exhausted; dawn's splendor has arisen;
And so now I depart, all hindrances unfastened.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hanging on

(1046)  Tumi nitya satya nijadhiin

You are the truth, perpetual and self-reliant;
You are one who's ever-new, one who's ever-ancient.
You are the final refuge for those who are dejected;
Amid their gloom, You are daybreak's advent.

Those who had come, all did retire;
Those yet to come, they will expire.
You were, You are, You shall abide;
Everlasting Master, triumphant over time.

Those who'd intoned Your many qualities,
In Your ideation they were seized.
With Your life they'd received
Honeyed immortality.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What matters

(1045)  Niirava rate klesh bholate

On silent night, to obliterate the pain,
Who are You that came for me, please say?
With a detached wind, the One mind craves,
He appeared in my home today!

Grass blades want painting in green,
The large tree wants a gentle breeze.
To scent the flower pollen speaks:
"That is what I also fancy."

The pebble mentions constantly:
"He should walk on top of me."
The snow-capped mountain, it would be
Thawed beneath His love only.
In the lotus grove, full of humming,
The bumblebee prays secretly:
"Lord, my ray of hope You be;
Please arrive with golden morning."

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Who is He?

(1044)  Kar tare tumi divanishi jaga

For Whose sake do you always keep awake?
Seated in meditation, Whom do you chase?
Watching for Whose advent do you ever stay?
For Whom you toil away, kindly do say.

Who is that Traveler... heart's heaven
He's kept opening only for your sake.
Who is that Oyster... mind's liberation
Tier upon tier He's arranged and arrayed.
Tell me His story; I know the message...
The love in it is hard to escape.

In forest and garden Whose is the sweetness?
On azure sky Whose is the magnificence?
In the ocean bottomless, Whose is the greatness?
Who is the Heart-Thief about Whom you reminisce?

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Monday, July 23, 2018


(1043)  Jadi bhul path dhare

If having followed wrong way,
Ever going on I stay,
In Your virtue pardon that mistake.
But if to think of You neglect I may,
Instantly that lapse do break!

When one travels there must be a destination;
Without purpose everything proves fruitless.
You are the objective, and You are the cynosure;
I move in Your direction only with Your momentum.

From dawn to dusk just Your ideation,
To move on the way, it gives that inspiration.
You are the lord of the path and its one viaticum;
With Your song, I sing of Your goodness.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Imperfect though I be

(1042)  Tumi prabhu shudhu amari

Oh Lord, You are simply mine,
Simply mine, simply mine...
Oh Lord, You are simply mine.
And though this whole world is Thine,
Oh Lord, You are simply mine.

Upon a lake the sparkling moon does fall;
For that lake the moon dwells in its bosom.
Likewise with me, You keep making liila,
You Who remain stationed in my heart...
And thus You are just my diamond necklace.

My thoughts most intimate only You perceive,
As only You pay heed to me, me the human being.
When mistakes are made, to righteous path You bring;
With love, ever a strict eye You do keep.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Circle of love

(1041)  Anek shuniya anek bhaviya

Listening to many, giving thought to many,
I have loved only Thee.
Roving heaven, hell, mountain, and cavern,
I have found just one gem.

I know that love does not heed logic;
Having loved, I crave not liberation.
I love on account of getting bliss;
Precisely this is the gist of all my knowlege.

Your work I'll keep doing as much as I'm able,
Above all else remembering the supreme devotion.
I love for the sake of giving bliss;
Precisely this is my final realization.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Fatal attraction

(1040)  Aj cande meghe lukocuri

Now with clouds the moon plays hide-and-seek;
In that direction everyone is gazing.
So toward the sky this mind of mine goes racing.

The moonlight on river's water,
Waves aglitter it wakened.
Whatever darkness in mind's niche
Got dissipated inside it.

With the frail glow of evening's lamp,
I'd wondered why the day does pass.
Due to a summons from my moon,
Singing its song, onward it moves.

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(1039)  Nirjana kanane amare rekhe gele

You went away, having placed me in a lonesome forest,
With whose support, please say, with whose assistance?
Sitting by myself and weeping, the time, it elapses;
My heart collapses from the throes of anguish.

With the flowers their intrinsic honey abides;
But, dear Friend, You carried off all nectar mine
To some far-far distant paradise.

In the mind just one topic rises: my heartache unspoken;
With that pain is mixed an ardent eagerness...
Even by mistake, it never gets forgotten.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

No more distractions

(1038)  Eso tumi eso, amar jiivane tumi eso priya

Come, please come...
Come into my life, my Love;
Come, please come.
Age after age I remain on watch for Thee;
Make me Yours, and take me.

In Your heart, there's no space for what is vile;
In Your world, there exists no fake pride.
Like the polestar, You are ever bright;
On her way, the lost goose[1] You guide.

In what ancient time did I begin my journey,
And what unseen fate have I been chasing?
Now my eyes are tired, my wings are weary;
Bind me to the Unknown with a single string.

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(1037)  Kache ese dure sare gele kena

Having come near, why went You far away;
From this cruelty I get such pain.
In front You stood, then hid behind a veil;
Of empathy is there not a small trace?

To the treetop You raised;
Why did You take the ladder away?
The fruit of heaven You delivered;
Why sent You it adrift upon the river?
You roused from sleep a springtime blossom;
With the summer why did You incinerate it?

The camphor lamp You let go out;
Black soot is what still sticks around.
From heart bereft You removed sweetness;
As if dead, it is deserted.
I beseech a speck of mercy; I simply endure
That in Your contemplation I may merge.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


(1036)  Tumi ele alo anle

You came, and You brought light;
The darkness, it was thrust aside.
Smilingly You told: "In fear or fright,
Thinking of Me, open your eyes.

"There is no rose without a thorn;
Without ebb tide there is no flood.
Is this not the style of Providence...
Grasping that, just move on.

"In every season I arrive;
In pain and pleasure, love do I.
I am yours, and you are mine....
All wretchedness, cast it aside."

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Monday, July 16, 2018


(1035)  Tava tare mala genthechi prabhu

For You a garland I have strung, oh Lord,
Having invested all the sweetness of my heart.
Myself I have set adrift
On water from the eyes, with Your ideation.

I have no power of austerities
Nor even weight of piety.
Thus, ever I pray for Your mercy;
Will You forsake one who is weak?

I have not any wisdom, worldly or unworldly;
With devotion my lovestring's not steeped.
Only my eyes' pain-filled tears are there;
With  guile how will You deceive me?

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why me?

(1034)  Manera gahane gopane gopane

Confidentially, in a recess of the psyche,
Bosom Friend, I ask of Thee:
Pray tell, why did You come for me?
In this garden, silently, exclusively,
Appearing with a mild smile, You were standing!

Perchance, the flowers have fallen asleep,
Creepers have drooped from the fierce heat,
And by that heat the Earth's been cleaved...
Did You forget about their story?

The cuckoo has forsaken her sweet call
And nightingale croons rhythmic tunes no more...
Feelings hurt, they only weep, love sick;
You overwhelmed everybody.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Looking for Him

(1125)  Vishva majhe tomay khunje

Within the world on seeking Thee,
Finding, it is hard indeed.
Attainment happens when there's mercy,
Oh Mercy's Repertory.

You're the one with countless heads,
Boundless intellect resides in them.
By dint of intellect and knowledge,
You alone are higher than the highest.

With eyes innumerous You observe;
Affection without end You preserve.
For everyone, both unit and collective,
Their abode You have constructed.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

At a loss

(1033)  Alor ei agnirathe

Upon this lustrous chariot of fire,
All darkness You did set alight.
On a new morn, oh Who arrived?
You banished our sorrowful night.

Nobody is unknown to Thee;
Nobody is outside of Thee.
You came and went with everybody;
Amid us all, You'd lain in hiding.

You know us, but we don't know Thee;
You heed us, but we don't heed Thee.
You know and heed; and so for us, accordingly,
You accompany, along with liila's deceit.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

In the heart of darkness

(1032)  Aloker ei uttarane, maran kupe jiivan rupe

For this splendid ascending
From death's pit to life's beauty,
Who are You that appeared?
Unfastening my gloomy home's entry,
You were standing right before me.

Having closed the windows,
On the door I'd set a bolt.
I'd been asleep in a darkened abode,
When, calling, myself You awoke.

In my mind I'd been thinking
That I know what none conceives.
In royal dress, You entered my psyche;
My ignorance, You made evident to me.

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I love Him, and He loves me

(1031)  Basiya vijane tahari dhyane

Sitting alone, musing on Him,
All on my own, I have strung a garland.
Upon riverbank, neath southern breeze,
Only His contour was there.

The flowing stream, making sounds of lapping,
Had told to me: "Girlfriend, listen please...
Your Sweetheart is everybody's Darling;
Unaccompanied, Him you won't get to see."

The southern wind had blown by, saying:
"Not to love Him, better that would be.
He is a star of the sky, a far-off galaxy;
He smiles sweetly while great distance keeping."

Nonetheless, I'll earn Him through love only,
The love that's been learned in His company.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Everything has changed

(1030)  Tumi ke go ele, ke go ele

Who are You that came;
Oh Who came?
My long-standing slumber You did break;
My gloomy heart with light You did bathe.

On the withered branch a bud You waked;
A flood You made the dried-up stream convey.
With golden hues my existence You did paint.

On getting Thee I've attained everything;
With Your arrival my desires I've achieved.
You obliterated the long trip's fatigue
With mind-enthralling meter and melody.

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Monday, July 9, 2018


(1029)  Ami tomar tare ghure ghure

For Thee am I rambling, rambling;
How much shall I journey?
If this birth be spent, still on my quest,
When will I let You take rest?

In love with You am I;
For Your sake I laugh and cry.
I remain listening...
Your flute, will I ever hear?

Day and night thinking of Thee,
Of all defeats, it's my sole agony...
All love is one,
Strung on one thread, oh Pristine Lord.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

What I've learned

(1028)  Tomake buddhibale balo ke ba pabe

Do say, will anyone attain You by intellect's ability?
Everyone gets intellect only by Your mercy.

Many times I have paid a visit to this Earth;
Everything I have viewed with intellect's assessment.
At each step what I've known is my own ignorance...
I've understood that You're the essence of existence.

In my eyes and face, in my conduct, ignorance I have hid;
Neath the vile yoke of that veil, I've become degraded.
Now I've received awakening, and I've fathomed only this:
Grace unmerited, it descended.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Mine or mine alone?

(1026)  Diipashikha niye tumi ele

With a lantern's flame You came...
For whose sake, Bosom Friend, for whose sake?
An enchanting song always You sang,
Filling hearts, filling lives, dear Playmate.

Amid a world without voice and without beauty,
You adorned a fest of light with vestments lovely.
With meter, measure, and tempo... with such a jingling;
You infused music through innumerable melodies.

Touch You brought about with a gentle breeze;
Scent You created with the flowers' bodies.
In a dull and dry heart flavor You heaped;
Love, ever it surrounds Thee.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

He colors the mind

(1025)  Amar jiivane tumi ke

Who are You in my life?
Who are You that arrived?
Who are You with powder dyed?
You colored my mind.

You unfastened all heart's bolts;
Dormant humanity You awoke.
You brought the whole world close to me;
In darkness, light You set aglow.

You I will not forget or forsake;
To move on Your path I'll never fail.
Your sádhaná is my life's firm resolve;
Delusion's web I will tear.

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And then it happened

(1024)  Tumi amay bhalo besechile, besechile paran dhele

You had cherished me,
Cherished me profusely.
I had been in a pit of darkness;
Onto light's chariot You did lift.

Like the dead I had been subsisting;
I'd wasted time in idle deeds.
Day and night, just brooding was I:
"Would You come before I die?"

At long last, finally You came;
All my weariness You washed away.
Illuminating my mind, You said:
"You got Me; no need to fret!"

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


(1023)  Tomay jadi bhule thaki

If by You forgot am I,
Tell me Whom to keep in mind.
Trusting in Whom have I arrived
Penniless, in these three worlds.
I call so much, but You don't notice;
That is why I think like this.

I observe sky-kissing mountains
Keeping bowed their snow-white peaks.
Dissolving into tears, they offer salutation
At Your beautiful, rose-colored feet.

With weighty roar ocean gives chase,
Your greatness in it to the brim.
Arms spreading wide, it would embrace,
Its heart full of Your sweetness.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

He brings the light

(1022)  Alor desher pakhna mele

Spreading wings of the realm luminous,
Who came into this darkness...
You came into the darkness.

Everybody You do rectify;
Benign intellect You hold high.
Good people with all good things
You did combine.

Pitch dark was throughout the sky,
With still more dark amid the mind.
Concealing all the ebony,
You released a flow of light.

On light rises a butterfly;
On light a tiny star does smile.
In light a sweet heart appears
With prosody and musical time.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

A Gordian Knot

(1021)  Here giyeo mana na har

Even after losing, You concede no defeat.
You bring the living just to give them misery;
In anguish, they forsake everything worldly.

With flowers the thorns still abide;
And side by side with flood is an ebb-tide.
With honeycombs the sting of bees is there;
Even the purest nectar, it is not unsullied.

Or is it that to give a sense of happiness,
You've maintained the pain along with it?
To rid us of disgrace from being dirty,
You make us put on the necklace of ascetic glory.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sweet telegrams

(1020)  Tomar e kii bhalabasa

Wondrous is this love of Yours...
Gently You laugh from afar,
Having infused a colored expectation.

Oscillating on ocean's high tide,
A lotus in hand to dangle mid surging of life...
Cosmic Director, with Your play's pretense,
Coming and going, You send cables with sweetness.

You are the nebula of our blue sky,
With sandalpaste always applied...
In music's tunes, traced on it is
Your warm affection's honeyed language.

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