Thursday, July 12, 2018

I love Him, and He loves me

(1031)  Basiya vijane tahari dhyane

Sitting alone, musing on Him,
All on my own, I have strung a garland.
Upon riverbank, neath southern breeze,
Only His contour was there.

The flowing stream, making sounds of lapping,
Had told to me: "Girlfriend, listen please...
Your Sweetheart is everybody's Darling;
Unaccompanied, Him you won't get to see."

The southern wind had blown by, saying:
"Not to love Him, better that would be.
He is a star of the sky, a far-off galaxy;
He smiles sweetly while great distance keeping."

Nonetheless, I'll earn Him through love only,
The love that's been learned in His company.

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