Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Who is He?

(1044)  Kar tare tumi divanishi jaga

For Whose sake do you always keep awake?
Seated in meditation, Whom do you chase?
Watching for Whose advent do you ever stay?
For Whom you toil away, kindly do say.

Who is that Traveler... heart's heaven
He's kept opening only for your sake.
Who is that Oyster... mind's liberation
Tier upon tier He's arranged and arrayed.
Tell me His story; I know the message...
The love in it is hard to escape.

In forest and garden Whose is the sweetness?
On azure sky Whose is the magnificence?
In the ocean bottomless, Whose is the greatness?
Who is the Heart-Thief about Whom you reminisce?

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