Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Flying blind

(2416)  Ami gan geye geye cale jai

A song ever singing I run along;
I don't know if You listen or not.
In depths of mind whatever's there,
I keep nothing hidden.

In many conditions my bud goes on remaining;
It does not get to blossom, a flower becoming.
Many a tune arrives, then sails far away;
I don't know if You perceive or not.

Yet could it be twixt concept and language, Dear,
A space continues, hard-to-cross, intervening?
From a thought all gets not brought into speech;
I don't know if You agree or not.

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Love fulfills

(2415)  Tomare bheve ekii anubhave

Having mused on You, with such perception
Mind and heart got satisfied!
Love You did lavish, You suffused affection;
All defilement was set aside.

Ocean of Compassion, my Beguiling Paramour,
You made overflowing the pitcher of heart.
Surrounding me, outside and in,
With fragrant ecstasy, a bright glow arrived.

I'll go on contemplating evermore;
Your words rend all webs of infatuation.
At Your touch will sway in mirth
A gem lively upon mental sky.

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Born of Thee

(2414)  Kii na kare giyechile manave jagiyechile

What had You gone and done with the humans You'd awakened?
Hey Lord Shiva, the Controller, most respectful greeting.
A human race barbarous, with ecstasy You filled;
And from the earth You set the heavens trembling.

Impassable, the turbulent sea of vice and ignorance.
Becoming a ferry, You arrived as savior of everyone.
Base or great, all understood, like a revelation:
You consider everybody's story.

You had come in ancient past, You've stayed in song and ideation
At the deepest niche of psyche with emotion's undercurrent.
I do not forget You, to forget I am not able,
Hey the Self-Born Deity, Essence of Empathy.

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Perseverance furthers

(2413)  Varsanasikta e sandhyay

With this pluvial evening,
On the rain screwpine spores go sailing.
Moon is hidden by the clouds, but still in mind is seen:
Ambrosia it showers ungrudgingly.

In gloomy nest the peacock weeps,
A luminous moon not having got to see.
Active with trumpet-roar are bolts of lightning;
And in tongue unknown, frogs keep calling.

The far-flung outer space is beckoning;
It educates to break constrictive boundaries.
Forgetting everything, mind hankers for the One Only;
It abides in thought of Him exclusively.

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Friday, September 30, 2022

And so it began

(2412)  Himaniishikhara hate nevechile kon prate

From a snow-clad mountain-peak You came down one morning;
Salutations to Lord Shiva, the Cosmic Sustainer.
With matted locks unconstrained, on heaven's golden tears,
Till then You were unbound, hey Welfare Achiever.

Tresses You did bind to arrest the frenzy;
You reined in the all-pervading.
Into each way of life You infused song and beat,
Hey the Compassionate Sea of Kindness.

I don't find any likeness to Your contribution;
Of Your virtue there's no end, there's no termination.
Hey Ruler of the Clan, hey Attribute's Emperor,
Hey the One Quickly Appeased yet Terribly Disturbing.

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Onward and ever onward

(2411)  Ganer e gaungottarii

This Gangotrii of song,
It races toward the sea.
Any blockage of rocks it heeds not;
A way forward it goes on making.

From some unborn origin a sound had arrived;
It had gone floating on the current of time.
Along a path rugged with snags by the hundreds,
This river, it dances on a stream of melody.

Of neither sound nor songs there is an end,
Much like there is no end of life as well.
The work is but to go ahead, flouting all fear and shyness,
Bursting the gloomy darkness in a bastille.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

I too can be of use

(2410)  Tomake bhuliya chilam

I had been forgetting You;
For naught the day has departed.
So much light has been extinguished;
So much good has been defeated.

That more of my time not be a waste,
Oh Gracious Lord on You ever I contemplate.
Please keep me not far away, for mercy I pray often:
Any time there is today, make it effective.

Moon, sun, and star, they carry Your flow of love;
Why will I be aimless, aren't they my companions?
Myself also, in Your mission please enlist!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

He makes a better place

(2409)  Kon ajana jagat hate ele ele

From which realm unknown did You appear, appear?
You loaded with music and beauty;
Persons remote You drew near, drew near.

All who've longed for You at depths of psyche,
Even those unspeaking, who have thought secretly,
Heart's every aspiration, all language of love,
At every pore You roused from sleep.

They entered Mental Mirror, who were outlying;
Capered in tender glory to the beat and melody.
Taking all in company, giving love to everybody,
You forged a cosmic society.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

His intent

(2408)  Arup jakhan rupe esechilo

When into form the Formless One had entered,
Was there any other who had viewed that event?
From imagination everything had awakened,
Gamboled had the ocean of effulgence.

Why had You invented, why had You devised?
What had You been thinking by way of this desire?
Through stratagem of longing, surge of sport divine,
Novel anklets, had they sounded?

Afterwards, how many ages have gone by?
In history's annals, that is not inscribed.
With cadence and shape, in jingle it's survived;
This the Omnipresent God had wanted.

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Monday, September 26, 2022

There is no escape

(2407)  Dharar bandhan chinrte nari

Worldly ties I cannot rend;
They've hemmed in at every step.
These restraints, sweet and alluring,
Even You, Hari, are bound by them.

Transcendent One, with traits You did become;
Having two hands, a constraint You wore.
From the formless You came into form,
Infusing sweetness redolent.

If You get merged in the state featureless,
The world of desire will vanish then.
Unfamiliar will become the known realm,
Recalling at last, though after the end.

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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Still more a blessing than a victory

(2406)  Katha diye nahi ele kena

Why, after having pledged, You did not appear;
What's the reason, what is this Your love!
You did not fathom my inner aspiration;
Night and day, privately but constantly,
I have kept on singing expressions of affection.

With Your dye exclusively, mind I stained;
Following Your path alone, I came.
Yourself as substance I acclaimed;
Only 'round You are crying and laughter.

Only for Your sake everything will I do;
At the core of heart I will retain You.
I'll continue sailing on Your tune;
Fruitful will it be, coming to the earth.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

How long were You planning this?

(2405)  Andharer bandha cire

Ebony's bondage rending,
Advent of effulgence
Had been in which antiquity;
Of it was there no day or moment?

Mid that very paucity
What work were You doing?
Were You in a formless clothing?
Did You have no intent?

Had You been in depths of dream?
In those deeps a flute were You playing?
And with that same tune, did You bring
Awakening of existence?

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

You shall approach

(2404)  Tumi jadi na asibe

If perhaps You won't be coming,
With what hope are ears attentive?
For Whose sake with floral string,
A garland strung into hair bun?

Upon that path You shall appear;
My hearing will remain just there.
On only that thought there must be
Conception's efficaciousness.

Whatever flowers are in psyche,
They have bloomed on account of You only.
They have brimmed with fragrance sweet,
Abolishing my emptiness.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

For the win

(2403)  Candanasar manidyutihar

Essence of sandalwood, necklace of jeweled splendor,
You are endemic to everybody's heart.
But Yourself who recognizes, who really knows?
Incomprehensible, You are vast without shore.

Through reasoned debate whenever I've investigated,
I've returned, having become frustrated.
But in contemplation, whenever I've been immersed,
Then time and again, You have come to the fore.

Vanity had kept me far away;
It had kept life's lantern veiled.
But that same covering, when casting off,
Then with You I became one.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Have we met before?

(2402)  Akashe bhese ase

On the sky He sails in;
In the mind a throbbing He awakens.
Oh Who came into my heart, mistaking direction?
How is it that with You I am not familiar!

Unknowingly, Yourself have I desired
In every sympathetic echo of life.
I did not imagine You'll appear in this style;
Oh my, what I see: ambrosia brims over!

Hey Unexpected Guest, today You came, ignoring date;
In psyche and in heart acquaintance was made.
At inmost core You went on singing an undying strain;
At no time can that ever be forgotten!

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Caring Lord

(2401)  Nandita tumi akashe vatase

You are celebrated by the air, by the sky;
In country after country You are glorified.
Heavenly splendor and the thought of welfare,
Within You they've stayed combined.

Except You, none else is anywhere;
Anyplace I gaze, full of You is everything.
In pollen of a blossom, in color of sunrise,
You run on dancing, having prized.

Yourself for many days I did not perceive;
Ambrosia in rainfall, in You, I failed to see.
By that stream of nectar all attain vitality;
Earth, overflowing, rises with a smile.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Can't do otherwise

(2400)  Dola diye gelo

Giving a shake, He went away;
Who is that Unknown Traveler?
In a trice He arrived from a site recondite;
He sailed off, having smiled for but a moment.

To get acquainted, never did I make an effort;
There had not been any tie of affection.
Of Him, also mind at no time ever thought;
And yet for a short while touch He granted.

I understood He is the closest of my kin,
The relative of soul, love's requisite ingredient.
After forgetting Him, everything becomes a burden;
Glowing in a gloomy heart is just that one gem.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fair trade

(2399)  Amar sagar shukhiye geche

Evaporated has my sea;
My snake is without gem.[1]
Seated alone and unblinking,
I am counting stars of the firmament.

Powdered down has been my vanity,
Amid the frowns of penury.
Now all that's left is only
Memory to mull over.

In such state, made indigent,
Of own remained no remnant.
And yet, beside me sense is there,
Full of light's luster:
Though Yours am I, mine You are;
I'm not at all wholly bereft.

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(2398)  Na dakite ele na baliya gele

Unbidden You arrived, and You left without intimation,
What is this, Your liila, oh my Dearest?
Not a thing I know, not a thing I comprehend:
Why to my house You came, and then went off.

From other people I hear You are fond of liila;
Upon liila's theatrics, You cry and You laugh.
By making me weep, do You cry or do You laugh–
I would pay heed, hey Unsympathetic One.

I cannot understand, in liila what's my task;
At times it makes cry, at times it makes laugh.
If this be just a liila, dramatic performance,
Then You are far away, oh the Most Remote One.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

In rhapsody

(2397)  Malaya esechilo kane kane kayechilo

A vernal breeze had arrived, in each ear had whispered:
Today You will appear.
All gates of mind this time I have kept open
To welcome You respectfully.

A garland from mental blossoms I have kept threaded;
With selected fragrance I have kept a tray[1] decked.
I'm anticipating with a heart tense,
To hear Your summoning.

From afar, very far, a light goes on smiling;
Pollen goes on sailing, pleasing everybody.
Knowing that You will come, no taboo does mind heed;
With the thrill of pollen-spore dances a light-beam.

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My life surreal

(2396)  Sat sagarer chenca manik

"Having combed the seven seas, oh ruby,"
You told, "I love thee.
Excessively you adore;
Please tell Me your inner thoughts."

I replied: "You, I do cherish;
Your honeyed smile unblemished,
Your providing heaps of flowers:
Even while weeping they infuse melody.

"Twixt You and me, this association,
This exchange from realm of imagination,
These are no trifling statements;
On the very same delight, everybody reels."

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Lest we fall by the wayside

(2395)  Tomar priitir dore

By Your cords of love
You've kept tied everyone;
That binding gets not torn away.
Cosmic Nucleus, You saturate the realm of mind
So psyche does not run astray.

In which far-past days of yore,
Did movement on Your path set off?
With rise and fall, crest and trough,
Inside ear time tells that tale.

With the love by which You're fastening,
At heart-core You have lavished honey.
You've infused rhythmic hymn in movement sweet;
The heart brims, filled with just its strain.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

For our benefit

(2394)  Esecho sudha dhelecho

You have come, and You have poured ambrosia;
You have prized everyone in equal fashion.
Who holds and who doesn't hold dear,
Of every plight alike You have thought.

Hey the Wheel-Nave, You are with everybody;
You go on making sport, without informing.
Coming close and loving Thee,
For atomic self-interest, You've endorsed.

So that from the path nobody strays,
On Your fast track unto Thee one does race...
Is it why, sitting in soul, illuminating inmost feelings,
You have gone on singing an undying love-song?

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

To be precise

(2393)  Priitite esecho bhuvan bharecho

As love You've appeared, Earth You've made replete;
Toward whom You run dancing, do say please.
You have smiled at heart-core, You have held dear;
Mind You carried off with an unknown song.

In the cosmos none is Your equivalent;
Formless, You arrived in form, hey the Darling Dearest.
To excite all minds with a song in rhythms myriad,
Everyone You brought near with a sweet tug.

You exist, so there's a world manifest;
In Your light frolic both atomic and immense.
We see both small and large through dualistic intellect,
But all get blended in Your meditation.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Mind breaks out

(2392)  Akash vatas tomakei dake

Sky and air call You only;
Through the clouds' openings.
Staying longer without You, does it last?
Does mind remain at its dwelling?

Why did I not listen to the call for so long?
Yourself a stranger, the ears have thought.
Then knowledge dawned, and mistake went afar;
I have cherished Thee.

Thoughts of You mix well with inmost feelings;
My universe has commingled with Thee.
Upon light of Your beauty, suddenly, in a wink,
The ambrosia came from where?

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

He shakes up everything

(2391)  Mane dola dey

To the mind a swaying He confers,
He confers, He confers.

In thought's abode a stir having given,
At crannies stunned having answered,
On the remote sky He runs,
Runs, runs, runs.

Who is He that came and filled the world,
Making all things surge?
Within me, unobserved,
Knowing Him was difficult,
Difficult, difficult.

Oh Who are You that grants recognition,
Who states this coming isn't a visit.
To obtain You heart is eager;
Just Your song, sing it does,
Sing it does, it does.

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Saturday, September 10, 2022


(2390)  Ankhir kajale ghan nabhoniile

In the kohl of eyes, like deep blue sky,
On a colored lotus He flashes.
He shakes up thought, He sways the mind,
With a swing fastened by strings of flowers.

For so many days, even by mistake I don't think of Him;
I don't want to hold Him, the core of heart within.
Suddenly a swaying came, mind was overwhelmed;
Now oblivion just does not happen.

Every delicate propensity had been sleeping
In mind's jewel-studded room, a sweet covering.
From what origin they all got awakened;
Mind swoons upon a tune, only His.

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With my lot I'm satisfied

(2389)  Vishvake jata chandayita

On the world, in so far as it is rhythmic,
You have poured a pile of exquisite beauty,
With mind's anklets and the jangle of a viina,
Lighting a jeweled lamp, circling amity.

There's no more desire left;
That which I've got, in my work I implement.
May I not lose by defect of intellect;
With treasure love's tray[1] is replete.

Human beings have obtained in great measure;
Appetite unsatisfied, for yet more they've yearned.
Constantly they have brooded on their hunger,
Dropping in the dust what they've received.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Beyond comparison

(2388)  Anande ucchal alo jhalamal

Gladness overflowing, glittering with light,
Blue lotus, you are new-born in the morning.
To a restless beat, with affection bright,
An armlet of gold rises shining.

Your form has got no equivalent;
To your virtue I don't find a start or end.
For the sake of all, steadfast You awaken,
Day and night imminent for everybody.

To abide without cherishing cannot happen;
Musing on You, in thought psyche crosses edge.
Beloved of everyone, You don't have a parallel;
I float upon only Your stream, knowing or unknowingly.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Left speechless

(2387)  Ganer bhasa mor hariye geche

My song's language has gone missing;
Inside bosom is wee bit of its melody.
Mid flower-bud, despite dwelling concealed,
Up till now has lingered a touch of honey.

On an autumn evening when I saw You,
With fragrance of night-jasmine, neath pale light of moon,
Under that same circumstance a song comes a-sailing;
You left with its lyrics, but the tune has persevered.

On a dark and gloomy night when I saw Thee,
Beneath a wanton stream of rain and lightning,
In that ghastly circumstance, a song also appears;
The ode has gone, but a tune dances to its beat.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Now that You've arrived

(2386)  Kon ajana theke esecho arunaloke

From some odd place You have come with light of a rising sun;
Hey the Unknown Pilgrim, kindly speak.
Please don't keep me tossed away, as an unfamiliar;
Do proceed to my humble dwelling.

Your sweetly smiling love, pouring of moonlight affords;
In a bloom psychic sweetness makes the fruit be brought.
Anticipation's light-ray, dancing it runs along;
By that light in the dark You gleam.

Everybody races to the throbbing of Your thought,
A meteor from far-distant nebula.
Mid molecule and atom flares Your splendor;
You never waver, steady in ideal.

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Monday, September 5, 2022

Please have pity

(2385)  Akash vatas puspasuvas

Sky and air and floral fragrance,
Everything You are filling.
Whatever I conceive, what I do not,
Rhythmically articulate You are making.

Since ancient times, hey Consciousness,
You may be seen in the whole of existence.
Though with science and philosophy ineffectual,
A playful drama You are building.

Impatient is the foolish mind;
It longs for You at heart's inside.
Mercy's Ocean, expectation's pitcher
Why are You keeping empty?

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Sunday, September 4, 2022

A bee dwells mid the honey

(2384)  Amar deshe ele ke go videshii

Oh Stranger, Who are You that came to my country?
Yourself do I hold dear.
Bounding o'er the railing of time, space, and body,[1]
You drove mind into frenzy by Your smiling.

No boundary-line do You accept;
You recognize no embargo in the mind-realm.
Throughout the world many and varied You spread
Blooms and fruits and sweet waters with a smile pristine.

All the time You are with everybody;
On the brow of everyone You're the sign of victory.
Atop mountain immovable, beneath bottomless sea,
At core of all, in joy and sorrow, You are intermingling.

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Devotion is supreme

(2383)  Maner mayur tomar tare

Because of You the mental peacock,
Gazing upward he goes dancing ahead.
He knows not at which unknown realm
In lonely retreat You dwell.

He pays no heed to prohibition;
Will the tethers of home restrain him?
Like a steed unbridled,
He gallops on some lane unfamiliar.

Tied by strings of love,
Every impediment he makes light of.
To the tune of an untamed comet,
With cadence and beat he sings a hymn.

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Who would I be fooling...

(2382)  Ankhir badal dhuyeche kajal

A constant rain from eyes has hosed the kohl;
Failing to fathom sorrow, You did not come near.
What love is this... You see no tears or laughter,
Gone and staying far in sportive deceit.

No more will I invite, Your path I won't keep watching;
I shall cry no longer from Your memory.
If to love means always to abide,
Then keep me not in this forsaken amity.

Oh Callous Lord, please consider one more time;
Yourself having forgot, to Whom else shall I go nigh?
Hundreds of things I might stay saying from wounded pride,
But enter inside heartcore, all those words neglecting.

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Adrift upon a sea of tears

(2381)  Kena je ele kena ba gele

Why did You appear, and why then did You leave!
You left, having taken pains to come and go only.
On Your account at my dwelling,
Decked with flowers Your seat went unseen.

Having gathered blooms of psyche,
I had strung a wreath as love's offering.
The garland dried, its flowers fell aside;
You gave no time for making You wear.

I know not if You do or don't love me;
I only know that I love Thee.
Maybe in thought some flaw abides;
And so the mind sails upon futile tears.

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

The game He fancies

(2380)  Tumi liila bhalabaso

The Sport Divine You like;
On autumn eves with moonlight sweet,
Filling hearts, You smile.

On summer days with air that's scorching,
Under heavy rain and frightening sleet,
With obscure glee You are revealed;
Upon extreme agitation You rise.

With floral fragrance in a breast honey-smeared,
With tune and beat in tempo like a lightning streak,
Taking our all and giving Your everything,
With everyone's heartcore You combine.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022


(2379)  Mor ksudra gharer aunginay

In the compound of my tiny dwelling;
You'd arrived, oh the Fount of Kindness.
Never that could I imagine,
Empathetic without end.

With so many summer rains, I have gone on calling;
On so many autumn evenings, I have gone on weeping.
I have swung in the cradle of faith-to-despondency,
Should You take notice, showing grace for a moment.

This is inconceivable, it is unequaled;
This copious exudation is a love immeasurable.
Having turned up on Your own inside of an atom,
You entered my fold, oh the Great Ocean.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Oh the Jewel of My Eye

(2378)  Eso kache aro kache

Please come near and still more near
With a smile pearl-dripping...
Decked in flowers amid psyche,
Pouring out the nectar of amity.

Everyone wants only You,
Painting mind with Your hue...
With Your affection smooth
To fill with song and music beat.

This is not just my opinion;
It's the votary's inmost anthem...
Mental annals for a human,
Singing hope's song of attaining.

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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Krsna, both close and remote

(2377)  Tumi kache theke kata dur

From nearby how distant You dwell...
I know You see me inside soul,
So why then do You make distressed.

To find You I have gone to many lands;
I've wandered many jungles and mountains.
At many a sacred site, I've taken bath;
But I saw not the harem.[1]

With me, this Your divine sport,
It is an age-old game filled with love,
Sometimes You come close, sometimes You go far,
Ringing smiling ankle-bells.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Maybe sad but surely sweet

(2376)  Ketakii jaga varasay

A screwpine roused by rainfall,
With each pollen-spore its fragrance goes sailing off.

Frogs are croaking in the nut-tree forest;
Lightning grins on frenzied wind.
Amid the mind at northeast[1] corner,
A cloud dances, at Whose expectation?

Juhi dust gets drenched by water;
For Whom does the tuberose yearn?
In woodland and in garden, lonesome and secluded,
Who there seems to sing a song?

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Friday, August 26, 2022


(2375)  Tumi acho tai achi

You are here, and thus am I;
You alone are the jewel of my eye,
The lamp of life, I realize...
And so I be, for You abide.

Unknown at which long-bygone era,
I had floated in upon Your current.
With only its tune, its beat, its hymn,
Yourself have I prized.

Please don't retain me at a distance;
It's my fervid prayer time and again.
Inside heart-core with charming raiment,
Having thought on You, I caper in delight.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

On You I rely

(2374)  Aloker pathe calite calite

Upon light's path ever to forge ahead,
At any time if come a mist,
Then by Your kindness let it be dispelled;
Endlessly with me persist.

That flower I will offer You with reverence,
So I may guard it free from insect,
Bud's nectar only will endure
From start up to the finish.

By Your light Yourself I'll see;
Musing on Thee Yourself I'll please.
Yes I am Yours, and also You are mine;
But drop am I, You are the ocean.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

To merge in Thee

(2373)  Tomare ceyechi alo chayay

I've yearned for You in both light and shadow
On shore of dawn, at sea of dusk...
In Earth's import, with grief untold
In dormant love and depth of thought.

Hey my Dear, the patron eternal,
Nectar churned, You are the great ocean...
You've endured, so all are existent
Nominally, in Your many rhythms.

Come still closer, mix amid the soul;
Eradicate the last trace of my ego...
On the road of life-flow, with crest and trough
Mindstream craves Your essence of ambrosia.

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For the love of God

(2372)  Bhevechilum tumi asbe nako

I had thought that You won't come,
To tales of the wretched You don't listen...
Those who by formal rites are adorned,
Just their plight You do not forget.

My blunder is crumbling, Yourself I've fathomed;
You acquiesce only unto love...
Not ritual worship nor offerings to idols,
Purity of mind is in Your veneration.

Social distinctions I don't accept,
And You don't want the peddling of each fraudulence...
Having shown a ray of hope, You are not dishonest;
So in You is holy endeavor made perfect.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

I am sorry

(2371)  Path cine esechilo ajana pathik

Knowing the path, the Unknown Traveler had come;
At my gate He had stood, waiting momentarily.
Him I failed to recognize, invited not once;
He went away, gently smiling.

Too late had I been disillusioned;
Opening the gate, I had raced out-of-doors.
Near and far in vain for Him I've sought;
But His garland was dropped, He wasn't there.

In life transpire many blunders;
But atonement for mistakes also happens!
Presently, I call to Him with heartfelt passion;
Could it be that invitation did not go unto His ear?

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Your objects of enjoyment

(2370)  Divya loke eso manoviharii

Heartbreaker, reach You to realm heavenly,
All the gloomy dark dispelling.
Infuse every atom with the sweetness of amity,
Whole narrowness exhausting.

Throughout ages, Earth in Your direction
Ever gazing, goes on calling with a soul song.
Oh hasten to an anxious world;
Do mold a new humanity.

Let light be brought into everyone's heart,
And make effusive with new implication.
Permeate the mind of all with bliss immense
To get You near, Mood's Wellspring.

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

You fill my world

(2369)  Aloke udbhasita tumi

You are made manifest by Your splendor,
An ocean of light immense,
Immense, immense.
You are the sweetness of heart's core,
Enchantment's love, nectar's essence.

You are the moonlit night's effluence,
Madhumálaiṋca's[1] floral fragrance.
You tear off fetters of fright and shyness,
Everyone's, by radiant belled anklets.

You have stayed pervading the whole cosmos;
Constantly within Your body caper the atoms.
All desire-and-acquire, any entry-and-takeoff,
You are everybody's entireness.

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

With Your blessing, Lord

(2368)  Tomar raune raun mishiye

My hue blended with Yours,
To go forward, that I would.
In Your beat my beat I'd merge,
Though mismatched at every juncture.

With firm hand holding Your flag,
On my own I would forge in advance,
Bearing Your blessing on my head,
Infusing strength in my breast.

Never at any time had I been solitary;
There's no fear, as You accompany.
Your deeds I will keep performing,
Your songs I will go on singing,
Waxing bright in Your light benevolent.

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Friday, August 19, 2022


(2367)  Ami cai ni tomare kache kona din

On any day I did not want You near;
Graciously You have come.
I did not discern You, to matter I'd been clinging;
You have shattered blind infatuation.

I had been occupied with only my own self,
Seeking elements of pleasure in sensory objects.
Rotating vision, eyes having opened,
Inside my arid heart, You have instilled love.

My ego was an immense weight;
It's moved along a crooked road, went not straight.
But You, having shown the way and set on the path,
You have made me human.

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