Thursday, June 30, 2022

My Man of Mystery

(2313)  Ajanari sure banshii pure pure

Flute ever-filled with a tune of mystery,
Who are You that came into my psyche!
You arrived without notice, having come You gave no tip;
But with a thrill You demolished lethargy.

At first I could not think a bit;
What occurred, I received not a hint.
Afterward, gradually, around a feeling,
Through vibration You allowed ascending.

This sensory perception fits no comparison;
It is just unmerited compassion.
All capacity worldly and all logic,
Admitting defeat, they grovel at Your feet.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Have I not tried long enough?

(2312)  Shunechi tumi dayalu ami

I have heard that You are kindly;
Why don't I notice that in practice?
Calling and calling, wailing and crying,
My days, they vanish.

Many a night has passed without sleep,
Incessantly engrossed in Your reverie.
But You did not arrive, hey Companion dear;
Oh where did You stay hid?

Person Unbodied, You go on disposing the planet;
With mental honey, You coat the sweetness.
Setting me afar, what's the pleasure that You get?
I can't fathom by Your liila.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

So You are my Lord

(2311)  Bhuvane tomar tulana nai

In the universe, You're without likeness;
So You are my Deity.
In You there's no narrowness,
Oh the matchless Supreme Chief.

In Your light I travel by blessing Yours;
In Your song I stay absorbed, enraptured.
Mesmerized and impassioned,
Far off went the misery.

In some ancient past You built the world,
And since that day You got fettered.
Amid all, the jeweled luster on a necklace,
Feelings of kinship You embodied.

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Hear me

(2310)  Badhir theko nako priya

Deaf don't stay, oh Darling;
You must hear my story.
My inmost agony, fathom please:
Extreme zeal for gaining Thee.

In gaps mid sounding of reed pipe,[1]
To me call beams of Your light.
Mixed with that very light abides
The sweetness of Your doting.

My ray of hope is You only,
The sole foundation of all weal.
Yourself neglecting, without base I be;
Accordingly, head I bow constantly.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

His gay ambrosia

(2309)  Tumi esechile mrdu hesechile

You had come, You had smiled tenderly,
Pouring nectar heavenly.
I looked not back, nothing I said;
Infatuated, inattentive had I been.

Setting the latch, I was in a niche of dwelling;
Privately, I have thought of myself only.
A high ranking I've desired constantly in psyche,
On the bank of a dark stream.

Away You went, affection's yoke having left;
Neath that love, often the world dances.
Irresistibly, a painted flower blossoms,
Swaying to the pulse of Him only.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The extent of Your grace

(2308)  Tumi amay bhalabasiyacho

You are loving me;
I have gone off far-distant.
To my pain a balm You're giving;
I have forgotten that.

Like desert-heat on grief's distress,
From social suppression compassionless,
At any time, pain-stricken, when I've wept,
I've received Your solace.

With both hands, You've only kept giving away;
A return gift I did not give in exchange.
Your prescripts I have wished to break;
I have observed egotism.

Disregarding sin and merit, You have lavished mercy;
Mind You have frenzied with affection's honey.
You have made me bathe in love's stream;
I am not fathoming it.

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

An open heart

(2307)  Bhule gechi sei tithi

Even that date I've forgotten–
Yourself I did not forget, Beloved;
I cannot disremember.
Uninvited You'd arrived
In the abyss of my mind,
I know not why that is.

Suddenly You came; giving a shake, You retired.
Forgetting of former life You did provide.
At root of life You brought a firm design
To fight impediments restrictive.

You declared: "Life is speaking with candor,
Moving on an upright path with courage.
Any chicanery is never victorious...
Satya alone is sadhana."

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Friday, June 24, 2022

It's a mercy to see

(2306)  Tomake ceyechi karunadharay ami

Yourself have I viewed on a stream of mercy;
Why that's so I don't perceive.
Like it or not, oh the Knower Of Psyche,
As I honor everything, Yourself only I revere.

On Your smile a flower has bloomed;
Affection dwells in Your flute.
With sweetness Yours nectar exudes;
There's a light-beam flashing.

Engulfing both the near and far, You've persisted;
Without body You are wearing distilled pigments.
Having mused upon You mid the flurry of existence,
Into my life I drag Thee.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

You may or may not be ready

(2305)  Gan geye jabo gan geye jabo

A song will I go on singing;
Listen or not, it's Your option.
I will rouse a wave deep in hearing.

Have You thought that I'll abide silently,
You will give a forlorn hope of gaining Thee?
No, that flow of melody suffusing the firmament,
Its opportune moment, won't I seize?

Your depth does not adjust with intellect,
The speck of it that You gave to me as well.
Taking Your name, that sweetness given,
Yourself will I get, yes, I will get You surely!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A sun shrouded in darkness

(2304)  Se kon prabhate dhalile dharate

On what fine morn did You pour on Earth
Your measureless splendor...
No history is there, no bright proverb;
Gone on remaining is only the love.

No one knows Your grand achievement,
Sweetness in meter, that which You've contributed.
You have given everything, nothing You have taken;
You are the incarnation full of wisdom.

Yourself to realize, it isn't possible;
Even the trying relies on Kindness.
Thought You filled, psyche intoxicated;
You sang a song immortal.

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Eternally Yours

(2303)  Tomar saunge mor paricay, ek adh juger katha nay

My acquaintance with Thee,
It's not half an age's story.
From the time of yore, I am in company;
I have gone on singing Your victory.

Having loved, on Your thought,
I've forgot all my privation.
Contemplating You, as my disposition,
Everything may be, with You replete.

Do not lay me far away;
Stay with me both night and day.
Honey-coated, please maintain;
Kindly, always keep me busy.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Where I came from and where I go

(2302)  E pather shes je kothay ke jane

This path, its end is where, who perceives,
Who perceives, oh who perceives?
I get lost, going to seek;
My belief concedes defeat.

I go on knitting a habitat of color;
Psychic flowers I pluck in a bundle.
Groping in the dark, I report:
Bottom I found not, anywhere.

The intellect that exists in my vicinity,
The intuition that's continued functioning,
The aspiration that's gone on day-counting,
In one cranny, all of them are concealed.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Light of my life

(2301)  Bhese ankhiniire bhevechi tomare

Swimming in tears I have thought on Thee,
With my heart-core's mode of speaking.
No one knows, no one can know
What words I've spoken inside psyche.

In the world I saw not, in the mind did I see;
At the black pupil of eye, You have inhered.
Even though I did not see, the pupil is not remote;
And thus, engrossed in love I be.

That love in heart makes overflowing;
Psyche's casket dribbles ecstatically.
That devotion, that completion,
To a steady glow runs, dancing.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

I am Yours

(2300)  Ami patha ceye ceye klanta hai ni

Ever watching the path I've grown weary,
Tired of my own uncleanness.
All of my filth, the flashing of vanity,
Let it mix with the dirt of earth.

Lord, let my head be kept bent down
To the dust from Your foot;
Dignify the birth of me
With a ray of Your grandeur.
Oft I come, and oft I leave,
Mid Your unfading splendor.

Please don't keep me cast far off,
Drifting in transit with introversion.
By Your great feat, the grant of compassion,
Kindly permit me to cross.

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Friday, June 10, 2022

This could be much more easy

(2299)  Aloker he pratibhu

Hey the Broker of Bright Splendor,
Hope entire only follows Thee.
Lord, by Your form alone the world is awed;
There are no words for measuring quality.

Your own self, You have strewn;
But at heart's core, You have accepted room.
What occurs not, You've made that happen too;
Composing homes with hues aplenty.

Only You are the nectar in a flower's breast;
And You are the cordial moon on a blue firmament.
Oh, I am worn out from just calling ever;
At the psyche only, hear my smiles and tears.

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Hey my Sweet

(2298)  Cinmaya tumi rupamay tumi

You are full of wisdom, beautiful are You;
You belong to everybody,
Their own more than family.
Forgetting You I drift in perpetual crisis,
On the wrong way and at risk, repeatedly.

Oh my Kinsman, oh my Dearest One,
Your love has left me stunned.
All the sweetness circling just You,
Always it races, making merry.

I want to obtain You closer still;
To take within me, intrinsically blended.
Hey the Knower Of Heart, awareness of You,
It's the distilled nectar that has filled my fancy.

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No substitute

(2297)  Kothay gele dure cale

Going far, You went off where,
Oh my Lord, forsaking me?
So much am I calling, don't You listen?
Face averted, why did You become displeased?

Mid effulgence You exist,
But with ebon You have gone and mixed.
Filling everything, You have lingered;
But You did not show before me.

Of forms there's no utmost circumference,
But they have no likeness to Your aspects.
Noble God, please grant forgiveness,
Disregarding all my failings.

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He beggars imagination

(2296)  Aloker jharnadharay

With a cascade of effulgence,
Oh Who came, uninvited?
Awed am I by Your form,
Its traits beyond description.

In the cosmos You alone exist;
Form have You scattered.
By form's splendor, in form's vessel,
Your acclaim is undisputed.

You're above the gunas three;[1]
Kissing sky, You go on dancing.
Central gem in the realm of ideation,
Your bright glow is space-transcendent.

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It's a new day and a new world

(2295)  Purvakashe arun heseche

On eastern sky the morning sun has beamed;
All the gloom has disappeared.
Black of night did not feel good;
And thus in form is kindness brightening.

The darkness has not large and cruel teeth,
And there is no demonic hunger for deceit.
Forgetting one's own self is not the tendency;
A sea of splendor has been dancing.

Among people there is no misunderstanding
Or desire for animal torture and injury.
By axe there's no annihilation of trees;
Awakened has a new humanity.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Oblivious to His gift

(2294)  Tumi alo dhele dile

Pouring of light You conferred;
Yet my own Self I did not see.
Lustrous Consciousness, in light You were,
But I did not wish to see.

Wares of pleasure I have sought upon the earth;
For Whom the pleasure, I did not want to search.
I have seen the action, not the Actor;
About the Actor I failed to think.

Preference to matter I have gone on giving;
In the midst of matter fulfillment have I fancied.
That so much You gave, forgetting it,
On the way of light poured, I did not proceed.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

A mystery

(2293)  Nayan rakhiya jao

You go on keeping eye
On every atom and molecule, my Dear.
So, hidden not continues
Anything by any means.

What a stern duty is Yours:
In a heart that's tender ever You bear pressure
For all retribution to everybody
At each instant momentary.

Upon the rotation of tempus breached by dancing,
A Creation, rainbow-hued, was it not there?
But then too You had been solitary,
Unrevealed, time-surpassing.

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Monday, June 6, 2022

Hope's passage

(2292)  Path bendhe dile e kii bhalabasa

Composing the path, this love is great and strange,[1]
Full of hope's light-rays.
A mind that was unreined,
Sense of self it lost today.

I am the flashing of a small and puny atom,
Day and night I sway between hope and desperation;
But being loved by the distillate of kindness,
In mind comes fresh flow of strength...

Hope's surfeit, when that is provided,
On a trifling 'I', ambrosia, it gets coated;
Then by insight, love's splendor filled,
The gloomy dark, jam-packed it's made...

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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Let us meet

(2291)  Tomare cai je kache manera majhe

Amid the mind, that near I want Thee;
Staying far, how hard it is.
In every occupation, I think about You shyly,
In seclusion having waited.

All the petals in a tiny grove of psyche,
When they had been burgeons unfolding,
Then from the bud of me,
A golden vigor, it spills over.

Come still closer, oh my Darling;
Honey in heart is replete.
Flowers have bloomed in many hues varied,
The floral garden is embellished.

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Life's goal is clear

(2290)  Shukla akashe sumanda vatase

Upon a clear sky, with an air sweetly mild,
Him heart craves repeatedly,
Upon a clear sky.
Effusive mind heeds no constraint;
Always it hies to Him only.

Every day and date, they became one;
With thought of just Him they did hum.
All desire and achievement, every give and take,
In one voice, only His victory they sing.

With sportive chains, Who are You, oh Master mine;
From far away, with floral thread, my love You do bind.
I cannot forget the existential effort to attain;
From birth to beyond grave it flashes like lightning.

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Friday, June 3, 2022

Am I ready yet?

(2289)  Timir shese alor deshe

In the realm of light at end of gloom,
Hey Master, surrender and grant embrace.
Myself abandoning, where left You to?
Do speak with me, the tale relate.

From constantly traveling I am footsore;
Musing on You in a stupor is my thought.
My vanity, it's gotten lost;
Onto lap please lift me, take me and elevate.

I've heard that You are merciful,
Strewing grace throughout the world.
Upon Your every vessel, hey Avatar of Consciousness,
With light of awareness, face smiling, kindly gaze.

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

I give up

(2288)  Tomake kache peyeo cena day

Even having found You nigh, it is hard to recognize,
It is hard to recognize, hard to recognize.
Tenderly You smile, You tell: "I do love";
But Your mentality one simply cannot realize.

Whenever I think knowing You I've achieved–
I've deduced Your psyche–
I see what You made happen by a trick of liila:
Pain drips in a stream flowing from both eyes.

Non-essential I've forgot, the essence I am grasping;
Defeat by Your liila I am acknowledging.
At this time I've just kept on asking:
Pardoning frailty, to me please be kind.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Not a game

(2287)  Bhalor ceyeo bhalo je tumi

Better than superb are You;
You go on giving love.
All that's ebon You consume;
No sport do You wish to perform.

There are many defects, misdeeds are there;
And everything is known to Thee.
Affection in conception, all of them wittingly
With honey You envelop.

Never did I achieve any chore assigned;
Through no work, Lord, did I ever satisfy.
By stroke of grace have I come here;
Kindly take me and reform.

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On the brink

(2286)  Ele bujhi aji shyamaray

Perhaps now You arrived, Dark Prince,[1]
A bamboo pipe by ear gets heard.

On bank of mind's Jamuna, I await, watching the path;
All and sundry come and go, but none of them look back.
Alone I've come, alone I've gone on staying;
Woe is me, You are remote, hey Longtime Companion.

Upstream won't it flow, the Jamuna once more?
Realized won't it be, the keen desire for love?
Away You've kept me; You've been thinking of what else?
You make sport with light and umbra.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

When I'm blue

(2285)  Nupura chande susmita dinguli

Days are smiling brightly in cadence of ankle-bells;
With a garland of rays, timely comes the Charioteer.
Flower buds, unblown and sleepless,
Breath bated, yearn sincerely to get near.

As often as I think that far away go I,
He who always binds through love-ties,
In my ears He speaks: "Listen to songs aplenty:
Everybody, on the light, they beam.

"Which place is remote? Nobody is distant;
All remain mixed with cognition's ocean.
In a unit consciousness latent is that acquaintance;
It drifts in the midst of ecstatic reverie."

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Monday, May 30, 2022

An end to the charade

(2284)  Rupsayarer aunginate

In the courtyard of form's sea,
You were consequential, oh the Unembodied.
With rhythm and melody, taking as family,
You attracted everybody.

With star after star the heavens are filled;
The air blows sweet and gentle.
The kash sways neath a mild wind,
Its gray-white wings extending.

Knowing You, it's not simple;
Love alone attains acquaintance.
Too-much-talk remains muted,
When finding You near.

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This wretched beast

(2283)  Amay kena bhalabasile

Why did You hold me dear?
I've no merit...
I've no merit, I've no wisdom either...
What then did You see!

You granted the sweetness of sympathy;
You wakened understanding.
You gave success, You gave prosperity;
For I had been lonesome and weak.

You brought into a human body;
Onto thought You lacquered honey.
Then, a desire stirred for getting,
I just went and forgot Thee.

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Sunday, May 29, 2022

When the fair winds blow

(2282)  Tumi ele, amar kanane ei abelay abelay

You appeared
In my grove at this tardy hour, inauspicious.
Flowers mine all have started dropping;
Petals go on withering in the dust.

When there had been blossoms in the garden,
It had been awash with colored sweetness.
Then You came not, You deemed it improper;
Understanding Your game, difficult it was.

Once more will my flowers bloom;
Will new color and perfume rise in what is without hue?
Will my love-tree get infused with green shoots;
Oh won't You come to a bright Elysium?

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

The genuine You

(2281)  Aloker ei jharnadharay, snan karate ke go ele

In this same fount of effulgence,
To make bathe, oh Who came?
With a gold crown on Your pate,
On a flower garden You applied paint.

Having met, I think I know, I distinguish,
The respected Gentleman, love's representative.
To scatter motley mental states,
Arrows You loosed from a rainbow.

When there were no hues, no tints,
This beauty, where had it been hid?
And why indeed this Man of light–
Life You filled through color's flambeau.

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Friday, May 27, 2022

By virtue of Your light

(2280)  Andhar sagar par haye aji

Crossing the dark sea today,
Who are You that came, oh Psyche's Enchanter.
I am unfamiliar with You; Yourself I know not–
But I know You possess attributes resplendent.

O'er the course of ages hopeful I'd been waiting,
Neath light and darkness, with everything revealed...
But You appeared not beside me, not by any means,
Oh the Moon, with Your heady luster.

To the extent of love, I have yearned for Thee,
You of bygone days, for the tune jangling...
Life's lantern, on its lampstand set a-blazing
To apprehend You time and again.

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

It just won't work

(2279)  Tomake bhalabese, amar e cidakashe

Holding You in high esteem
On the sky of my psyche,
Such ambrosia was exuded and came falling,
Profusely and privately.

I imagined: Ignoring, I'll go on;
I'll find peace in delusion.
But I saw there happens not oblivion
With this same thought echoing.

You exist, I exist–
All else I've forgotten;
There's no third one, any other,
With attraction of a honeyed quality.

At my heart's place hard-to-reach,
With ringing of cognition You are there;
Please come down into my thinking,
Contemplation's meditation-seat.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hot then cold, warm then not

(2278)  Kache ese bhalabese

After having come near and having held dear,
Neglecting that, You have left me.
Unto You I called not, Yourself I did not woo;
Yet nonetheless You were gracious.

Whether I accept or not, myself You invite;
You rescue me, by punishment rectified.
Don't turn away from me, Lord; be not displeased;
Trampling upon my heart, pray do not go off.

I realize that my life is Your gift;
Love, that too I understand and admit.
Externally You are harsh, but inside You're tender;
At heartcore this thought sways back and forth.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Beyond credence

(2277)  Patha bhule tumi esechile

Losing the way, You'd appeared;
You had come into my compound.
Cloud-free was the deep blue sky;
With moonlight very soft.

On jasmine trees, flowers had blossomed;
In kash thickets, swaying had begun.
Gentle and sweet the wind was
With affection honeyed.

Leisurely, lotus-feet You had placed;
You flung open the bolt on my gate.
My own yoke of illusion thrown away,
You told: "Have no fear."

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Who wins this wordplay?

(2276)  Bhomra bale bakul phule

Bumblebee tells bakul flower:
"Close to you I don't fly–
The nectar of your breast has evaporated.
Whatsoever had been yours
Fell to earth, cast upon the dust.
Your looks and luck have been finished."

Bakul answers: "Listen, oh Honeybee,
Love is never greedy–
Having approached, sit adjacent;
I have more to say."

Replies the Bumblebee: "There's no time;
In search of another bloom go I.
Due to talk time was missed,
And fear of dusk exists."

Bakul says: "Father Supreme,
You fathom heartcore's agony.
At Your feet sprawled I fall,
In pursuit of protection."

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Simplicity or duplicity?

(2275)  Tomare peyechi gahane gopane

I have found You hidden at a site hard to reach;
In mind's paradise have You beamed.
Restless are You, anxious are You,
And yet tranquil in my psyche.

To You there is not a hint of pride;
Hey the Self-Effulgent One, You like to hide.
But stored in You are wind and sky;
All elements... who does not perceive?

In depth, You are the deepest;
Sin You demolish, hey Darling Dearest.
On just Your blessing, far withdraws the darkness;
The Sea of Splendor, no bar It concedes.

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Ocean's blue or sky's azure

(2274)  Kon niilimar kon theke ese

Having come from some bluish niche,
To what far realm are You sailing?
Which blue tint's?
Who is that hard-to-get adventurer,
Whose song You go on singing?

All the vibrant waves of sea,
Your drums of triumph have kept sounding–
Surging ocean dances; its melody
You can hear at heart's core.

The acquaintance lengthy betwixt You and me,
Coming near in the stream of happenings–
Through joy and pain, smiles and tears,
You please shatter my stupor.

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Friday, May 20, 2022

Anklets of just music

(2273)  Prajapati pakhna mele, urche kena ke jane

The Butterfly, wings extended,
Why is He flying, who knows it?
Today, in search of whom, He is
Strolling about in a pleasure garden.

No other thought is there;
Always He is coming in hope of the honey
In cordial stream from heart that's free,
Carelessly effusive.

With a spectrum of color is the Butterfly,
A sweet splendor on the buds of mind...
Ebullient is the speed of life
In anklets of just music.

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Your qualities I cannot conceive

(2272)  Manane bhuvan bhariya rayecho

By thought the world You have been filling;
Nonetheless, why do You not show Yourself?
What's Your sport, I don't comprehend,
Through light and fest, through my life's wine,
Hey, the All-Pervasive Consciousness.

On rows of waves You race in every direction;
You don't tolerate the disgrace of darkness.
Smiling, You keep floating with life's pollen;
What a shining implication endless!

I cannot imagine Your virtuous story;
From one all alone You have become many.
Hey the Dear Ocean, Great and Perfect Knowledge,
How much have You become scattered?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

If only in my dreams

(2271)  Cetanay pai ni tomay

With You I did not reclaim consciousness,
For You'd arrived in a dream
And went not tied into thought;
Neath liking's binding You appeared.

By day and night, for You I've pined,
Upon life's buffets and reprisals,
With the gain and loss, large or small,
With every rise and fall.

My worthiness You discern,
Who merits kindness You observe;
And so on strings of love You pull,
Ever in sight to preserve.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

By Your mercy

(2270)  Tumi ele alo jvele

You arrived, a light igniting;
You removed the darkness gloomy.
Past imagination, in birth You appeared,
Through form making replete.

That which cannot be,
You made it happen through mercy.
You are the ocean of compassion,
Dripping abundantly.

I am frail intellect, You're the sea of wisdom;
At will, You have built the seven regions.
I am unit being, You're the Supreme Lord,
Holding me dear.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Painted clues

(2269)  Arup tomar ruper liilay

By Your play of form, oh the Formless,
What is this palanquin You bequeathed?
Mid the mind color You did smear;
Mentality You seized.

For me what had been in private,
Only that became Your favorite.
Layer after layer, stealthily,
You made bloom the buds of psyche.

Skyward the line of sight travels,
Hoping for arrival of which Guest,
Mysterious, by Whose fondness,
Lamp of hues was lit?

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

The path of Neohumanism

(2268)  Alote bhese sahasa ese

Having appeared suddenly, rising on lightrays,
A Fairy many-colored sings a song.
All bitterness, pain, and distress;
By sweetness He lets them be veiled.

He states: "I've come, the call I've heard;
Your pain I've understood.
Believe or not, but to My words pay heed:
Yourselves do I love.

"There was a time when none was there;
I was here by Myself.
Then you've arrived and Mine you've been;
You have fathomed anxiousness.
With me please come, for I'm resilient;
Unto heaven I will take through Neohumanism."

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

If lenient You would be

(2267)  Tomari priitite mugdha ami prabhu

My Lord, I'm fascinated by only Your love;
The equal of Your qualities I don't receive.
Hey the One beyond both time and form,
Having come into time, shapes You make constantly.

Yourself, none can bind;
None can befuddle You through any guile.
The sadhana for all is Your love-ties;
But even knowingly, duped, we keep forgetting.

Hey the Transcendent One, Sustainer of the Universe,
Upon Your grace the seven realms are reliant.
Having forgotten Thee on shoreless sea of blind attachment,
That I not keep drifting, for this same kindness I plead.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

He creates, decorates, and also wakes

(2266)  Gane jegechile tumi prane

By music, within life You had risen;
Humankind You did waken
Through the touch of Your hymns.
With delight all were thrilled,
Both the heart and mind filled.

You exist, and thus I am living;
Blissfully I dance to Your melody.
I have loved You only,
With a pulse of ambrosia.

Hey the Creator, Couturier, and Musician,
For everybody, the soul's relation,
Of all entities You are the combination,
With sweet resonance of the Infinite.

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

You are my entire being

(2265)  Tomari lagiya tomake bhaviya

For the sake of just You, pondering You,
My day, it goes away, it goes away.
The sleepless night, mixing with only You,
Thinking on the beauty, swooning it faints.

Myriad meteors get detached and cascade;
Many flights of cranes, wings outspread they race;
And multiple matchsticks, kindle light do they...
At none of that the mind does gaze.

I have come to go on doing Your deeds,
Your desire to achieve,
To mix with You inseparably–
Your ambrosia, like the rains.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Remove all doubt

(2264)  Tomar kathai bhavite bhavite

About just You, to think and think,
So many days, don't they go off?
And yet You don't arrive, at my core You don't arise;
Maybe mine is not the true endeavor.

I know You love, understanding torment You abide;
And my sense of 'I', that You store close nearby.
But this Your pleasure and my conviction,
The two merged as one, it didn't happen.

To Your liking, please pick up and mold me,
Making better qualified to recognize Thee.
Except for You there is none else in the world;
Grant me this awareness.

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