Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The unbodied stream

(449)  Mane asiyacho prane asiyacho

You appear in the mind, you appear in the heart;
You've arrived in each and every penchant of life.
The very dust of this earth You sanctify;
With loving-kindness You come in scent and hue.

Coated with greenery are the plants embellished;
Filled with honeyscent are the blooms encouraged.
With heartfragrance and with spiritsong,
Joy rains down on earth in a shower of nectar.

With the melody of songs is Your liila played out;
With the rhythm of dance does Your sweetness spout.
In the ocean of ambrosia, brimming with love,
You've let loose the unbodied stream.

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  1. We find Him everywhere but fail to get the right words to describe Him.