Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Always welcome

(454)  Eso amara ghare prabhu krpa kare

Oh Lord, kindly come into my dwelling;
The throne is made ready...
By it is a vase of flowers and a candelabra.
Coated with mental sweetness in myriad streams
Is my heart's yearning to greet You continually.

This throne is never eclipsed by dark of night;
The vase is never capped by any kind of shame.
Without assist, the candle flame goes on alight,
For Your sake alone, Lord, only for Your sake.

Circumscribed by dream is my mental sweetness;
Like a forest doe, it is brimming with obeisance.
Lost in eternity is my heart's yearning
To bathe Your lotus feet with a stream of tears,
To greet You continually.

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