Friday, February 26, 2016

One and all

(457)  Ami tomar manete achi go

Lord, I exist in Your mind;
Everyone is in Your mind.
In Your heart dances a world
That constantly craves Your grace.

In Your light, the flower buds
Rise abloom at dawn.
Whelmed by devotion, the buds of mind
Are mad for Your love tryst.
In that rhythm of amorous play,
All feeling and every yearning
Dissipate within Thee.

By awareness of You, colorful moments,
They get imbued with sweetness.
A lonesome soul romps with delight,
Owing to Your touch.
In that melodic cadence,
Every profit and all goodwill
Dance as one to a single beat.

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  1. For a spiritualist, no mental complex can persist. Only love survives.