Tuesday, February 28, 2023

While I see duality

(2558)  Tomare ceyechi maneri gahane, mukta gagane badha na mana

I've yearned for You in the depths of my psyche,
On a free sky, heeding not any block,
No, surely not.
Day and night I've wanted You always in company;
Please don't ever go afar.

I'm a speck of metal; You, the Philosopher's Stone;
I accept I am helpless; please convert to gold.
Kindly stay ever close mid comfort and grief;
Don't forsake and throw me off.

Yourself I cherish; You are my Lord,
Beginning-and-end-less, the Self-Born.
Having thought of Thee, I forget the penury,
Hey my Honey, the river's compassion.
Ever I stay remote, but in eyes I always hold;
Through light and shadow, I arrive and depart.

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