Monday, December 30, 2019

The way You left...

(1465)  Bhuliya gecho ki sediner katha

Have You gone, neglecting the facts of that day,
Its pain-inundated details...
This my face, packed with tears,
These two eyes, looking at Thee?

At that time, the cloudy sky was rumbling;
A stream of hail was falling.
No person stood 'longside Your path;
The screwpine, it was baffled.
You've departed under such circumstances;
After that, You came not back.

Decades aplenty, they have passed since then;
Now from the tears Your path has gotten drenched.
Dried up have become many a flower garland;
Bearing flag of compassion, glance You did not cast.

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  1. And the fact that You did not look back... how can You be so cruel!