Monday, November 25, 2019

Sadly waiting

(1430)  Ainjan enke cokhe cahiya nirnimese

Kohl traced on my eyes, vigilant unblinking,
I am seated by the path, waiting for Thee.
Your word You broke; having said You will come, You came not...
After lavishing a tender smile, You went far away.

Coming to the fore again, You hid Yourself behind a screen;
After capturing my heart, why did You play a game?
Offering assurance You withdrew; and all love You did take...
What's the reason, with false hope, You did make me weep?

It is night's final hours... dried up has the string of flowers;
On thread of blossoms, fragment of the garland has fallen.
Over yon, dawn breaks on eastern sky; and I stay watching...
Maybe with the new sun, a glance You will cast back.

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