Monday, November 4, 2019

Just please come soon

(1409)  Tumi eso mama jiivaner mule priyatama

Come, You at root of my existence, One Whom I love most;
Come to me, my Darling... come to me, my Very Own.
So much is my desire to get You close;
Hey Peerless Master, please fulfill that hope.

Throughout ages I am waiting, having been purified;
Defilement of psyche... what I've got, I've set aside.
With mind's blooms Your altar I have beautified;
Hey One Most Sanctified, You please arrive.

The petals of my ornamental flowers have fallen;
Floral garlands, they have gone and withered.
Afflicted by the heat, mind's honey has evaporated;
With rain-shower, please arrive, oh my God of Thunder.

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  1. In any form, You are a boon. In any form You choose, that is how I want You.