Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In His presence

(1418)  Adideva pashupati nao mama pranati

Shiva, first among the gods, please accept my prostration,
My obeisance to Hara, Hara Mahadeva.[1]
From mountain peak You have come on stream of ambrosia,
With every hardship's balm.

The snow-crowned mount, it obeys Your command;
The wealth of Kuvera[2] holds none of Your grandeur,
One with a naked body silver, oh Sadashiva.

My joy and my sorrow, You keep track of them best;
At no time whatsoever there is nothing You don't notice...
Oh Shiva, Lord of Lords, any prayer is meaningless.

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  1. What is the sense in prayer? Is it not a type of hubris? And does it not demean Him?