Friday, November 1, 2019

Only You can satisfy

(1406)  Ganer parash dao pranera pare

Under shade of bakul tree, scattered flowers lay;
At the path I had been gazing...
Mayhap You forgot this fact.
There was rain in the eyes, agony pitterpat;
But the sky was clear
As You arrived, keeping pace.

A breeze was blowing upon that tree's body;
In fifth note the cuckoo sang his sweet hymn.
Branches had swayed, honey-coated was the southern wind;
With eyes opened we have viewed each other, You and me.

I had said: My blind attachment, it has finished;
You had told: In that case only, do come near.
Along the course of time from antiquity, betwixt You and me
Is the love like a river that is constantly abrim.

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