Thursday, February 3, 2022

Last wonder of the world

(2164)  Tamasar parapare bhasar atiita tiire

From the far shore of darkness, on the ancient bank of language,
Oh Who came– the Unfamiliar Pilgrim, Avatar of Consciousness!
I didn't know Your identity, nor did I call out to Thee;
But You came notwithstanding– heart and mind You vanquished.

You arrive even when unbidden, that I wasn't knowing;
I was aware that even if invited You do not appear.
In the mind is Your dwelling, hey the Always Unique;
You're the final surprise of the universe.

You know how to love, You don't know to hate;
You don't look on anyone as vile or depraved.
Before You I bow in greeting time and again,
Every creature's never-ending shelter.

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