Monday, February 7, 2022

No longer green

(2168)  Ele ar gele na kaye na bale

You came and departed, speaking nothing;
Of which sort was this, Your visit?
What You'd brought, all You did leave;
You did not take what You'd said You will.

Now with the blooms, crying I've moved on;
Ripping it, I have flung the self-strung garland.
But the offerings of song can't be discarded;
Just feeling for Him lies therein.

Sweetness has floated off on a stream from the eyes;
Verdancy has perished in a desert's fire.
But the psychic pearl, on a necklace it was threaded;
So in mind I will let that be preserved.

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  1. Through silence You rid my naivety but not my love for Thee.