Tuesday, November 10, 2020

To obliterate my sorrow and anguish

(1754)  Ashar aloke ele bhasar atiit tumi

With the splendor of hope came You Beyond Language
In order to obliterate my sorrow and anguish...
Inside the mind what regrets, and there were hundreds,
To make all of them remote in an instant.

But for You for me there is nobody else
To whom I make known my heart's distress.
My feelings innermost, to whom do I tell
Without You on this earth, in heaven, and in hell...

Splendid beauty of paradise, oh Deity Dearest,
Into my ear You sing the song of just the divine realm.
From blooms full-blown I have strung a matchless garland
To adorn You in private...

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  1. Having You nearby affords me solace. Loving You is my consolation.