Friday, November 13, 2020

Purify my thoughts, cleanse my entire being

(1758)  Eso bhuvane gane gane

Please come to the world with songs aplenty,
With pristine sonority inside of my hearing.
With a great reverberation inside of thinking,
Kindly arrive on a wind that's undulating.

To You there is nothing for me to speak;
The little bit I do think, only that the mind fancies.
Mind wants to be engrossed inside of You only;
In reverie, songs I go on singing.

Extract of nectar, You're the One Most Dear;
You are like a white billow on ambrosial stream.
You abolish my accrued impurities
In seclusion underneath heart's canopy.

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  1. Only You can do it; and only You will do so in private and lovingly.