Saturday, November 4, 2017

High on His name

(869)  Alo jhara je path dekhaye diyacho tumi

Light-shedding is the path that You've revealed;
Night and day I walk upon that path exclusively.
Like a lotus stalk, mid the mud I grin;
My heart poured out, I love You only.

Taking Your name, all-day I stay high;
Hardships as pain I never classify.
From the break of dawn, always am I
Wide-eyed, observing Your sweet smile.

You're the Ancient Companion, the Unknown Traveler...
The sweetheart of all, everybody's sympathiser.
Know it or not, everyone craves You each minute;
That very desire lifts them into the Infinite.

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  1. Life's a blissful journey when we recognize our true desire.