Thursday, November 16, 2017

Who's to blame?

(881)  Cale gele more phele jadi

When You’ve gone away, deserting me,
Inside this hut, what’s the reason You’d appeared?
Flowers of rosy anticipation,
Why'd You make them fall out of season?

Oh dear me, had they heard hope's news of You,
The night jasmines[1] would stay awake;
The cuckoos, they would sing in Spring;
And the moon would scatter light at night.
All the strings of my lyre
You tore easily and cast aside.

Alas, because You went,
With its dew, the Autumn keeps on weeping;
Water-deprived kadam blooms, they swoon;
And the swaying grass is lost, it’s colored black.
All the sweetness of my psyche
You stamped with Your feet when You left.

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  1. In the second stage of spiritual progress, vyatireka, we lose focus and wonder why He went away. But, on our tears and in our broken hearts, we may discern the imprint of His lotus feet.