Saturday, November 11, 2017

The essence

(876)  Egiye cale tomar rather caka

Forward roll Your chariot wheels;
That I've managed to perceive.
They move, crushing all hidden sins;
That much I could fathom.

Upon sun's chariot mysterious,
You're moving on Your private orbit.
Waiting, waiting by the path,
I've counted days till Your arrival.

On a night of dreams moonlit,
Accompanied by flower pollen,
You rode that golden chariot
To pick up everybody;
And instantly I recognized Thee.

So now I'm waiting for Your advent,
By the wayside, lamp in hand.
This light of mine, faint it becomes
Before Your bright effulgence;
About You I have understood the gist.

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  1. Initially, we recognize Him as a mysterious, awesome entity with a dominant relationship to everyone and everything. And then we realize His boundless mercy, His radiant effulgence.