Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Soul of our soul

(894)  Sabai tomay prabhu

Master, with respect to You, everybody,
Everybody wants You near.
You exist in every atom, every molecule;
But knowing that, it's still not understood.

We seek You in the distant heavens and in refreshing winds,
In the meaning of the stars and in the flowers' fragrance.
We search not in the heart, in undiluted beauty adorned;
And so, crying, we grieve and die in utter disappointment.

You're circumscribed by name and form, and You're outside them also;
You're engrossed in liila's flow, and You're in the timeless abode.
For those with and without form, with no virtue or beyond all traits,
In Your sublime ideation, instantly they tend to faint.

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  1. To get Him we must go so deep within that we lose ourselves.