Monday, April 3, 2023

In life sometimes it's best to just accept

(2592)  Prabhu tomar liilay

Master, Your liila,
It is hard to understand.
Sometimes it makes cry, sometimes it makes laugh;
Even when knowing well, not to know it asks.

You arrive, racing from the bosom of heaven;
In a far-flung psychic niche, You sit in silence.
Remaining unseen, You demolish any darkness;
Who thinks, states, or does what– You know that.

The everlasting liila is Your mobile chariot;
In the style that You move, that alone becomes the path.
Inside You merges and emerges all moral doctrine;
Every raag and raginii[1] chants Your ballad.

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  1. About Your liila we are given so much information that trees conceal the forest.