Sunday, June 15, 2014

Once upon a time

(37)  Bhule jaoya bhore sahasa samiire

In a gentle breeze on a forgotten dawn,
You showed up on my mental mirror.

Emitting golden light,
Casting sweet fragrance,
Dispelling all darkness,
You appeared like a budding flower.

Daubing the pollen of life,
Painting a picture of novelty,
Proclaiming a thunderous message,
You shattered all fetters.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
You came into my life. When You came I don't remember. But this much I know— that once You came in my life. You came with a golden light, spreading a sweet fragrance. And because of Your radiant appearance, all dark clouds disappeared. All the pains and agonies of my life were removed. You appeared in my life like a pure flower. And with Your appearance, there was a flood tide of new vigor in my being. All my bondages were broken to pieces.

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