Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Every lotus wants

(47)  Kuinjavanete guinjaranete

In the arbor with their buzzing sound,
What do the honeybees want to say?
They want to speak about God, they do.

Playing on the strings of heart's harp—
Mystics, what yearnings do they want heard?

For such ideation, there is no language.
For such longing, as there is no capacity to express
All the divine majesty and all the divine glory,
So they want to lie prostrate at Your feet.

Pure or impure, every lotus
Wants to be offered as oblation to You.

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Baba's exposition:
What are the buzzing bees trying to say? They want to say something about Paramapuru┼Ťa. And those who can hear the language of the heart, they also want to say something. Everybody wants to express something. But the difficulty is that where there is depth of ideas, depth of feelings, there language fails to express it. There may be so much desire, so much inner longing to express something, but there is no stamina for expression. So, under such circumstances, there is no other alternative but to surrender at His altar and offer all the lotuses of human expression unto Him. These lotuses may be clean and pure, or they may be dirty. But, even if they are dirty, still Paramapuru┼Ťa will accept them. He will accept them.

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  1. With this song, Baba's imagery is so rich and so sublime it staggers the mind. Baba talks of honeybees and mystics, but in the end we discover that this song is not just a general contemplation but rather a deeply personal message for each and every one of us. In a most elegant fashion, Baba stirs the desire to sacrifice oneself on the altar of the Supreme.