Friday, July 18, 2014

Go with His flow

(173)  Dyuloke bhuloke tari padadhvani

In the mundane and the supramundane is His footfall,
Resonating in accordance with just His tone.
On the pristine peaks of snowcapped mountains
And on the ocean wavecrests is His imprint.

Through vines and leaves, the contour of flowers,
The festivals of color produced by the angles of mind—
Through the last of all forgotten thoughts—
Through all those course only His vibration.

So I am constantly issuing the clarion call:
Go with His flow.

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  1. An interesting... and melodious... exposition of "Raso vae sah" (He is the embodiment of 'rasa') and its consequences in respect to our human svadharma (that is, bhagavata dharma). As Baba puts it, human life is not a mere material existence. Rather, it is an ideological flow. And that ideological flow entails, as Thomas à Kempis might have put it, the imitation of Him.