Monday, July 7, 2014

In my butter-tree grove

(51)  Madhukar vane spandana ene

In my butter-tree grove quivering was brought.
The Lord of light, He came;
He came, came, came.

Amid life's countless flows, countless forms,
Resplendent and paternal He came;
He came, came, came.

There is no time for sitting and weeping;
This is not the day to pause on the path.
All sorrows, all lamentations,
He made me forget today;
He did, did, did.

There is no waste of any energy;
Blood is surging in the cadence of action.
In all directions the sweetness of my mind—
It went racing toward infinity;
It went, went, went.

In the heart-flower and the life-flame,
There, He took my everything;
He took, took, took.

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