Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Within and without

(53)  Ogo prabhu tomake ami

O Lord, it is You that I
Adore, I adore.

Ever in my mind is viewed
Only Your smile, Your sweet smile.
It is You that I adore,
I adore, I adore.

In darkest night, You are the polestar.
In desert thirst, You are the stream of water.
In both prosperity and adversity, You remain with me,
Close-at-hand, by my side.

I don't have any quality, yet You draw me near,
Seat me at Your side and sate my hunger,
Day and night, day and night.

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  1. This is a love song. But here Baba does not just describe the inner world of the devotee... the sense of devotion or the degree of devotion. Rather, Baba describes both the inner and the outer worlds of the devotee. In the end, the devotee's humility and the Lord's magnificence achieve perfect accommodation.

    In this song, we have a play of opposites. We watch as those opposites magnetically meet and entwine.