Friday, July 11, 2014

One father, one family

(55)  Surasaptake madhuri bhari

Filling the octave with sweetness,
We march on, singing songs.

Coating the temple of our minds with affection,
We question whether anyone is not our kin.

All the ecstasy of the divine world
Is dancing in the human world today.
The combined ambrosia of the seven realms[1]
Has blended into one, cousins.

Diffusing the sweet fragrance of magnolia,
We offer salutations to all.

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  1. With deadly rockets flying in both directions – mostly exploding in the air in Israel and on the ground in Gaza – wouldn't it be great if a song like this were on everyone's lips?

  2. It would be indeed amazing if this spirit of familial unity were spread throughout the regions of this earth where warfare devastates lives.