Saturday, July 5, 2014

A reddish tender leaf

(50)  Raktim kishalay

I am a reddish tender leaf.
I walk a straight path,
Never a crooked path.

To my front is verdant beauty;
On my two sides is a crimson glow.
I walk with head held high,
Never with a bowed head.

In my arms is the power of thunder.
In my eyes is unclouded vision.
I think straight thoughts,
Never crooked thoughts.

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Baba's exposition:
People should always remember that they are like kishalay, reddish tender leaves. You know, when leaves are very tender, they are reddish; and those reddish leaves are called kishalay in Saḿskrta. When, after some time, those leaves become green, they are called patra. And when the leaves become old and yellowish, they are called parn’a. Now, here it is said, "I am kishalay. I am a reddish leaf. And I always move forward along a straight path, and not along any curved line. My thoughts are always clear and concise. And I keep my thoughts and sentiments above all impurities."

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