Friday, October 10, 2014


(112)  Iishan konete megh jamiyache

In the northeast, clouds are gathering.[1]
Terrible winds are blowing.
Today, the nor'westers[2] have come.

Bay windows are shut fast.
Alarmed by the sound of thunder,
All now stay indoors,
Listening for rain's dance.

So many cherished trees are getting uprooted.
Damaged fruits drop and drop.
In gale and in hail,
Birds who've lost their nest, how they do weep.

Midsummer, in the form of thunderbolts,
The awesome Lord, He dances so wildly.
At sea, ships in great terror
Are tossed by the waves.

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  1. The nor'wester is a destructive afternoon storm or strong wind that occurs with increasing frequency in Bangladesh and much of eastern India throughout the month of Vaeshákh (mid-April to mid-May). The Bengali word for "nor'wester" is "kálvaeshákhii". Literally, it means "calamity of Vaeshákh".