Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let it be

(128)  Vatsar nava vatsar tumi

Year, you are a new year.
You bring universal welfare.
Beckoning with a new beginning
Are new dawns for new people.

Let the trees and creepers be plushly green.
Let the wild animals be secure.
Let the birds fill their throats with nectar,
And in all directions let them take wing.

Let the differences among humans disappear.
Let the wastage of intellect be prevented.
Let the power of destructive forces
Be vanquished everywhere.

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  1. Is it a prayer or a new year's resolution?

  2. I really dont have a lot of plans this week, i might sleep in and rest or i might work at, its a part itme job and its a good one. I can work as well as relax, its a win win.