Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Graceful feet

(105)  Vasanta pavane liilayita carane

Today, in the spring air, on graceful feet,
I will dance like a fountain of water.

On a cloudless sky, with clear eyes,
I will paint sympathetic sweetness.

Today, I go forward in Your rhythm;
I am redolent with Your fragrance.
Laughing, I stroll with joy,
Coloring the path red with kinshuk[1] flowers
For You, my intimate companion.

Today, there is no hindrance to progress.
My heart is threaded into Your garland;
My song is concordant with Your melody.
Today, in the sweet notes of the cuckoo's call, my all—
It flows toward the One
To Whom homage is offered.

Sarkarverse article
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