Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You rise

(790)  Ruperi alote rupatiita prabhu jago

Formless Lord, You rise with lovely effulgence;
You rise with unflagging splendor.
Watching for Your arrival...
Many creatures stay awake night and day;
You rise on sleepless eyelids.

In song I send salutation toward the Eastern Mountain.[1]
On this crimson morn, with Thine advent coveted,
Please come in secret, come with silent footsteps...
Holding a bouquet and also a lotus stalk, You rise.

From the scriptures, stories of Your virtues I keep hearing.
With my naked eye, I can see faint traces of Your beauty;
But I have loved You well, so please cast more light still...
Please make me complete in Thee... You rise.

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