Saturday, July 30, 2016

To ether and beyond

(573)  Bhave bhara akashe bhavatiita sakashe

Into ether, largely dreamy, transcendental nearly,
I go on pouring out the sweetness of my mind.
On the strings of my lyre, in the song of my life,
Without Thee, Lord, there's absolutely nothing.

Companion For All Time, take me with You day and night;
By Your inspiration, I am full of radiant light.
Allure Of The Infinite, I drift with the finite pollen;
Please let me assimilate into Your Great Beyond.
By chasing after You, by recognizing You only,[1]
Inside my heart, I will surely realize Thee.

In hope of touching the Cosmic One in microcosmic sky,
Forces of introspection and sublimation[2] do I galvanize.
From form to formless, with hearty will to move,
All the lines of finitude I lose.

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