Thursday, July 21, 2016

Everywhere and everything

(562)  Ruper majhare tomare peyechi

In the midst of forms, I've found You;
Oh, Formless One, You are consciousness.
Amid conceptions, I've seen You;
Transcendent One, You permeate thought.

Ocean waves crash sprawling
Beneath Your rosy feet.
Oblations of thought are laid
Always at Your altar's base.
You were and are and will go on
The source of light, Effulgent One.

When the Spring assortment of flowers
Falls and covers the surface of earth,
When prewinter's[1] chilly wind
Plays its fickle game in distant heaven,
Then even under such conditions,
You are the perennial Majestic One.

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  1. When the object of our description is the indescribable Supreme Subject, our psychic offerings can only be laid at the foot of His altar... our mental waves crash sprawling beneath His rosy feet.