Monday, January 15, 2024

His peculiar love

(2887)  Bujhi na kii je halo ke jena mane elo

I don't grasp what happened, Who came into psyche;
Color having brought to mind, He did recede.
He did not permit knowing what was His story,
Why in this very style He had appeared.

Good had felt the Ray of Light, on sky had been;
Where did He go missing, on a southern wind?
He went, telling: "Forget you, I did not;
What filth was there, do mop and fling."

Each day as it passes, that mem’ry does flash;
Alas, by my side, afresh He came not back.
With hope am I awake, for ages waiting on;
In this fashion, why in mind a stir gave He?

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if He asks too much. Then after Him again I run.