Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Did You have to leave?

(2897)  Utala pavane manovitane

On a restless wind under mind's canopy,
Oh Who are You that appeared,
The earth to please?
Yourself I did not know, I'd been fast asleep;
I heard not what You did speak
To go on giving heart a swing.

Coming unannounced, You went without speaking;
You left just a dazzling flash of memory.
With rainbow colors You did brighten psyche,
Yours to take and make me.

Perhaps You'd said again You'll reach;
My world You'll pack with light-beams.
The myrtle bud, honey-filled it will be,
By Your love, my Dearest Dear.

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  1. Though I missed your last visit, another chance will come, my heart would believe.