Monday, January 1, 2024

A simple person, I

(2873)  Tumi eso gane eso dhyane

Oh You, come in song, come in meditation;
Come at my fervent invitation.
I've composed a hymn, tune I have practiced;
Night and day I am waiting to make it heard.

All the petals of my mental bloom,
Become anxious, in Your meditation are consumed.
Coming near, having grinned, You, the Charming One,
Make complete my ceaseless and deep contemplation.

How to summon is unknown to me;
Hence I fathom not devotion's formalities.
I hold You dear, and affection I'm expecting;
You might not love me, but please dwell in my heart.

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  1. When I love You, shouldn't I receive love too? Please do as I desire.