Sunday, October 9, 2022

Dance upon my head, Lord Shiva

(2421)  Iishan konete beje utheche visan

Sounding from the northeast corner, a horn has arisen;
What are the words it wants to speak?
Hey Shiva the Destroyer, what's the reason You have danced?
Shooting stars You make plummet, trembling.

You are dancing tandava, vice having jolted,
Propelling a deaf luster's chariot ahead.
What You do and why, oh the great Lord Shiva
Uncomprehending, stunned eyes merely go on watching.

Mass of matted locks left unbound, open and unrestricted,
Master, You've become filled with rhythm.
On dance's each musical beat, it goes forth,
The sound that roused; in it light is flashing.

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  1. Maybe then I'll hear Your horn; maybe then I'll understand.