Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Even though we don't know You, Thou art our refuge

(2431)  Kusumakorake jata madhu chilo

In a flower-bud, as much honey as there was,
The Bee came and took, then went off.
It's unknown Who He is, oh that smiling Lover;
In the blink of an eye, He captivated heart.

The Honeybee has not come to those blossoms
When their petals have been tarnished.
They've been weeping neath storm-winds;
What occurred, they couldn't fathom.

In those flowers till today there is nectar;
So they've gone on singing in both mind and heart:
"Please come, hey Honeybee; come, hey Peerless One;
Hope's tendrils, make them bulge."

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1 comment:

  1. Lord, pity those poor flowers with abode in ignorance. Instruct us on how best to love You.